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My 2012 Resolution

It’s been a wonderful 2011. A year in which the most amazing things and also“ not too good ” things have happened. A year in which I cried my heart out, had the worst heartache, toothache, buttache(u knw the rest) and also had the silliest fights. A year in which someone special gave me a reason to smile again, a year in which I met the most amazing girl(cough).

I hope that the magical things of this year would be doubled and happen in year 2012 for us all. Amen.

And I pray the bad things leave with this year and yeah my bad habits too. Amen.

I have written a list containing my new year resolution. Well, it’s no news that most of us write this list and stop following what is in it in 2nd of January. Me, I try to follow my resolutions till 3rd. But it’s not easy I tell U.

Anyway, I have written a list for the year 2012 and I intend to force myself to follow this one.

1. I intend to love God more; go to church more often, force myself to stay till the end of the service and try apreciate the church girls((i dont like church girls).

2. I intend to be closer to my family; i have not been the best brother(most senior at that)

3. I intend to read my anatomy, biochem physio and histology text books more. And leave the internet(i knw it wont be easy, bt i’ll try)

4. I intend to stick to make more male friends and reduce the size of my female friends *side eye*

5. I intend to dash my small single male friends girlfriends by force; Tobi this is your year.Gaga, Emeka, Yinka, Gabriel….. Come to think of it all my male friends re single. *Moving on*

6. I intend to make more money off my parent. I hope he don’t get to read this though. Don’t blame me please i barely ask them for things, but they always insist i do. So imma just grab while I can.

7. I intend to have more fun (whatever you like u can say to this one). But I have realised it’s the best way to exercise the heart, mind and soul. You think I’m wrong? Try it. (And this isn’t for under 18 readers o!)

8. I intend to grow my hair more. I might even weave it at some point.

9. I intend to put an end to my coke and gala attitude and put on weight. Well i av been intimidated a lot. A tiny bird told me i lost MR ASSON cos i was how i was* i av no idea what this means*

10. I intend to


, write a book or two. Maybe a biography who knows.

11. I intend to put smiles on more people’s faces. And for my special one, I intend to make her feel like the most special girl on planet earth.*winks*

12. I intend to move around more, maybe travel outside Nigeria at some point.

13. I intend to SAY NO TO


* biting my finger( i knw i cant keep to this)

*Maltreating my Dog(promise to feed it 5times daily)

This is my list of resolutions for now. Hopefully, I’ll find more and add to it before 12am January 1, 2012.

I wish y’all a prosperous new year IJN. Amen

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