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Now i have ur attention…..

OK am sorry..am sorry i had to lure u into reading my blog thinking u were going to read some really juicy story….only to read about the goings on in my non-existence boring life…
Have u ever had this dream where ur falling from a cliff….and once u hit the ground u actually feel it…or ur at this very important function and then u take a look at yourself and your naked. And everyone just stares…i have dose dreams all the time…..

Am not spared embarrassing moments even in my dreams…. Sometimes i wonder y i even bother with this whole blogging tin. But i just cant help it..ive had a journal since i was twelve…writing so much irrelevant nonsense..when i look thru them lately..i just laugh and wonder if there really was a time i was dis…stoop-id or jobless….and then i found WordPress [i say it like i fell in luv]…..

Well maybe i did!! m bored stiff..i had a lot to say…a lot to pour out..to release..its a shame i cant remember a damn thing now…its just blank..i checked my fone…turns out i have like 240 numbers half of the people i dont even know….when last did i call somebody up…people am sorry..but am broke…am not stingy… I’d call if i could…but na condition wey make crayfish bend…you understand!

In other word, i am bored! Haw many times have i said that?? Ok bye!

  • lordhman
    lordhman | 17th June 2013

    Lol! OMG! I'm sorry, me snob. Have you met the other me? His name's hendrix. :JK:
    seriously i'm so sorry.

  • beambor johnson
    beambor johnson | 17th June 2013

    lol. Wily dont knw wt to say buh its hard 2 bliv a guy lyk u could actually get bored. M even scared of wt u'l say 'bout my comment cos u tend 2 b a lil snubby *dont know if datz d ryt word to use* wel,dont av much 2 say,buh u got my attention 4 real

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