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GIRLS And Their Definition Of The Word “FRIENDSHIP”

Dont u just hate it when people(Girls) suddenly remember ur alive only when they need something from u? They only remember ur number when they need some money…. All the while u probably dnt exist… some babe that i have been eyeing for somtime nw bt have refused to eye me back …. just asked me for a couple of bux…. this is someone who half of the time acts like she duznt know me…..and we are supposed to be friends. like she puts it……am really not a stingy person and would give if i could…but the funny thing is am as broke as hell..and i know the only reason she’s talking to me is cos she thinks am rolling in dough or she has the so called GIRLS POWER!…. and am gullible to fall for any story she cooks up….which is such an insult to me….

Do i look that dumb? no really do i?

I told her off…quick quick… I mean, why are GIRLS always sooo ARGGGGHHHH! Its almost like they have no shame…. They always want anything and everything from me… Everything but my friendship….always asking for this and that…i mean…. Cant i have a normal conversation with them (some though) without her pestering me for something…. “HENNY(like i’m fondly called. They usually form sweet names from anything), i need bla bla bla”….then i dont hear from them for a month till they needs something else… am tired of girls like that..and am trying to do away with them…kick them to curb,am nobody’s fool.
Am not exactly the happisest person on earth right now…but am slowly leaving the valley of sadness…things are happening in my life…sometimes i feel happy and am thinking to my self…”HENNY u just had fun..can u believe it, for a while u were happy”.then i feel sorta embarassed..i know its crazy..its almost like i feel ashamed to accept the fact that i was happy…i dont knw if u get what m saying… but i try not to get too excited….its funny….its weird…m weird

  • lordhman
    lordhman | 17th June 2013

    Thanks for the love. Am damn serious bout that too

  • beambor johnson
    beambor johnson | 17th June 2013

    seriously hendrix,u r a good writer. M damn serious 'bout dt. Wily nyc dude

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