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The Love Of My Life – The Most Beautifulest In The World!

Her existence in my life has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. As a very appreciative individual, I decided to finally introduce this blessing to the whole world, and give her the appropriate adoration due. She has been my backbone, and supported me through thick and thin.

She never for once forsook me during my trials and tribulations. She wipes away my tears like the “Wiper” of my pops car, and brightens my world. She’s indeed God’s very own “engineer”and more like the blueprint to my destiny. So many times have I tried going astray, but she “Steers” me right back into the right direction. She also never hesitates to put me in a complete “Halt” when I fumble; her no-nonsense attitude is something you have no choice but respect.

She takes me for whom I am, and sees my vision clearly more than I can ever envision. There’s nothing as enticing and appealing as a strong willed, self focused woman; someone like a “Japanese” gymnast in the Olympics. Her tenacity is close too none. When I act silly and nonchalant, she puts my behind right in “Check.” When we have our intellectual talks, her “Head and Eyes” yields so much light capable of leading a path in the dark.

Speaking of head, man I tell you, her head game is bananas. Shawty goes hard, you will think she graduated from Cambridge University, but she was raised in the streets… My chick is so welcoming and down to earth. Ma can definitely throw down in the kitchen. She never messes with her domestic chores too, and gets slightly irritated when she finds dirt on her “Leather Couch.”

She knows how to hold me down tight, and gives me that motivation as described by Kelly Rowland. She’s the best I have ever had, if you know what I mean…

Swag is a word I despise and annoys the crap out of me, but she’s the epitome of that word and much more. We compliment each other well like Jigga & Bey or Barack & Michelle. The funny thing is, she got just “2 pairs of shoes,” unlike other females with shoes addiction, but she manages hers very well through all four seasons. Like every other relationships, we have our conflicting times, which happens at least “once in three months,” but when I take her for a little spa treatment which in return rejuvenates her body and soul, she returns to her happy self.

She has been a target and victim of hate, envy, and discrimination, but she still stands firm and keeps her head up high through the “Accidents.” A lot of crooks tried “Stealing” her away from me, but she realizes no one will ever love her like I do.

I love my baby, that’s my baby, and I will treat my baby right, hold my baby tight. She is my “Baby Girl!” ”MY MUM”


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