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Memoirs From High School

The sun is shining, I can feel its warmth but it is dark in here. I strain my eyes and still can not see. It is dark in here.

Familiar sounds come through, laughter, people passing, voices I recognises but more voices and sounds I do not know. I am scared, frightened and excited all at once. Even though I can not see, there is a rush of excitement. I know that something is about to happen but I am unsure of what to expect. It is the first day of High School! and I am a small caterpillar emerging from the safety of my egg that has kept me from harm. I poke my head out and blink as my eyes adjust to the brightness and new surrounding, this will be my second home for the next SIX years. I am a tiny caterpillar hungry for learning, hungry to explore the whole new world around me. There is so much that needs to be done if I am to fulfill the plan that is in front of me. What is the plan? This I do not know. This new world is so big. Will I ever make it up the front steps? There are so far away and I am so tiny.

I slowly begin my trek. I stretch out my legs, one at a time, turning my head every which way. There are insects and bugs of all shapes and sizes. Some are huge, strutting through the halls like they own the place, obviously they do as they go about their business ignoring a lowly little caterpillar trying to just get through her first day outside the safety of her egg. Others are even smaller than me if that is at all possible, scared and crying in the corners of the longest hallways anyone has ever seen. Slowly and determined I make it to my classroom: JSS ONE DIAMOND.

I am excited to meet my newest friends, ladybug, dragonfly and inch worm. We are an unlikely troop but we know we connect. These will be my companions through my High School. The day drags on and before i know it i have survived the very first day of my High School. I am a little stronger, more confident and a little bit bigger.

As the year passes quickly, I am now not so little but still a little scared. There is such a big world out there. I know that I will not learn everything I will need to fully be ready for my future in one year. This is a slow process and I am relieved. My friends and teachers are always there encouraging me to keep crawling along the hallways. My brain is absorbing so much and I see my self growing even bigger. My parents feed me more, helping me grow even more. I am learning that great things come in small strides but I am eager to keep learning and growing. Soccer and Track have become an adventure. A new path for me to explore. As the first school year comes to an end, I have confidence, goals, friends, ideas and I am not a little caterpillar anymore, but still growing.

Year Two approaches and I find myself almost as scared as the first day of High School. As I approach the front of Command Day Secondary School, Ikeja, I am surprised to realize that the steps don’t seem as far away as i remembered. They might not have seemed as far but they do seem almost as high. My legs are still short but stronger as I creep up the steps. Peering over the top I quickly recognise my old friends. Ladybug has new spots this year! Dragonfly can now hover backwards and inch worm’s coat has lost its baby fuzz. We are growing even if at different paces. School is harder than last year. more classes, more papers, reports and expectations. There is a strange word we keep hearing, UNIVERSITY.

 We are told that this is a bigger world with bountiful opportunities and we must start thinking about our future. Our future? What is that? How am I suppose to worry about my future when I was only hatched a year ago? Don’t teachers know this? What can they expect from a little caterpillar like me? I put it on the pay no mind list for now. I think that I have plenty of time. I still need my teachers and parents. I am still learning.
My second year has flown by. I made lots of new friends, gone to bonfires, dated, read, ate knowledge and I am getting even bigger! I am now able to scoot through the halls and across the courtyard. I figured out shortcuts to my classes and bathrooms. Now I can even make it through 4 classes without getting tired. I am told this is a big accomplishment and my teachers, friends and parents are proud of me. My goal is to make it through the halls, across the courtyard and to the field all by myself. That’s my goal, to make it to the football field. If I can make it to the football field, i know that I have accomplished my goal. I have not been able to do so, I am still growing.

Jamb? What are those? WAEC? Wait, I’m only a little caterpillar, why the hurry? I still have growing to do! Apparently, these exams are pretty important. I am told that if i want any kind of future that I must prepare myself for these exams. I study, study and study even more. As I pass the glass windows, I stare at my reflection. I have grown into a beautiful caterpillar but i can’t help but feel that there is more for me. I am confused with this feeling. Is it because I am urged by my parents, teachers, friends and counselors to focus on my future? Is it because I feel that I am still incomplete? I have learned so much in Five years. I have eaten my way through Five long years of knowledge and just when it seems that i can’t possibly learn anymore I realize that i am still as new as the first day of High School. How can that be? I ask my friends,and they are just as confused. I am happy to know that I am not alone.

Waking up today, I feel different. It is dark again and I can barely see my hand in front of my face. I am now a big caterpillar , I am in SS3, SS3 GOLD!! This is the moment I have waited for. For Five years, I crawled slowly through classes, just going about my business. Now, today I strut through the long hallways that don’t seem that long after all. I am a senior! I watch as the newest insects and bugs look up at me trying not to make eye contact. Ido remember that first day. I was so scared, so new. Now, i look up at the beautiful buildings that gave me security and guidance and find it strange that i was ever scared. These walls and building gave me the purpose I have today. I am tired, dizzy and want to sleep. That word, University comes up again. Jamb, Post Jamb, Diploma, Pre Degree. I thought SS3 was suppose to be the fun year. the kick back year. I still have so much to learn, so much to ask. I am dizzy again and I close my eyes for a moment. Just one moment. Days swirl, voices deafen, sights blur, it’s all closing. I look at my reflection in the window once more. i am no longer a tiny hungry little caterpillar. I am a huge, big caterpillar and now fully encased with my thoughts, ideas, and goals. I feel like sleeping for 3weeks. Always one more report, one more assignment to do. And all I want to do is take a nap.

As my it comes to a close, I nibble at my encasing, stretch my mind, poke my head up and into the bright sky. I smell new scents, hear new songs, see new roads in front of me. As I look around, I have found that I have been a busy little caterpillar, only I am not a caterpillar anymore! I started into this world as a tiny caterpillar, hungry for direction and knowledge and emerged from my encasing a bright and beautiful butterfly.As my wings begin to dry i reminisce over the past 4 years .The friends i have made, the teachers that have touched my life and my parents that gave me their 100% support to become this remarkable creature. Thank you, to each of you for helping me become the butterfly that I am today.

Thank You Guyz…. (~_^)



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