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I hate blackberry and you should too

I suspect I’m slowly morphing into a mass-murdering maniac and there appears to be no hope for me, except Research in Motion Limited (RIM) inexplicably goes bankrupt and is forced to shut down its operations.

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Letter To My Future Son | Meeting The Girl’s Family

Dear Future Son,There are certain things that parents should tell their children, particularly their sons. Yes, yes we all know that there comes a time when we have to give the ‘Birds and the Bees’

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If Men Are Dogs, Women Are Snakes

“My wife can never cheat on me.” (said with conviction). Those were the words of one of my older friends when asked if his future wife would ever cheat on him. So I asked him

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Facebook Rant | Mask Stupidity

You are probably thinking I am crazy and should be impaled on a stake while being slowly roasted by a firewood-stoked fire, eh? That’s a sure sign that your Facebook addiction has reached the ‘point

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One Night Stand With My Boss

Image by: Noelle AshfordIt is 9am on Sunday morning. The rays of the sun coming into my room woke me up. I can smell fried egg coming from the kitchen. I picked up my shorts,

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The 150 Rules Of Being A GentleMan

I'm not saying that men should act like robots and be slaves to etiquette, but some basic good manners will go a long way in helping you during your ascent to the top.1 - Run

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My Future Wife | Letter III

To whom I’m certain, this will concern someday:I had this very strange dream yesterday, and in Τ̣̣ђё dream, I was talking with my mom and she told me she read all my letters but none

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