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The 150 Rules Of Being A GentleMan

I’m not saying that men should act like robots and be slaves to etiquette, but some basic good manners will go a long way in helping you during your ascent to the top.

1 – Run with her on the beach.
2 – Give her your sweater when she’s cold
3 – Never talk about other girls infront of her.
4 – Learn to play the guitar for her.
5 – Comfort her when she’s scared.
6 – Watch the sunset with her.
7 – If she can’t sleep, read her a bedtime story.
8 – If you get in a fight with her and she starts crying, just stop and hold her.
9 – Never force her to do anything.
10 – Call her beautiful, especially when she least expects it.
11 – Never let her walk home alone.
12 – Play with her hair when she’s laying on your chest.
13 – Always make the first move.
14 – Never lie to her, she’ll find out.
15 – Kiss her when she’s sleeping.
16 – Sing to her no matter how terrible your voice is. ..she’ll like it.
17 – When she’s fighting with someone, defend her even when you don’t think she’s right.
18 – Accept her for who she is.
19 – Call her beautiful instead of hot nor sexy.
20 – Don’t let go first during a hug.
21 – Tell her if she has something in her hair.
22 – Tell her you love her before she sleeps every night.
23 – Never go through her messages.
24 – Making her look bad infront of your friends will make you look bad, too.
25 – Always have her back.
26 – Kiss her in the rain.
27 – Leave her voice messages to wake up to.
28 – Stay on the call with her even if she fell asleep.
29 – Let her fall asleep in your arms.
30 – Give her piggyback rides.
31 – Call her babe.
32 – Apologize when you’re wrong.
33 – Always open the door for her.
34 – b00bs or butts doesn’t matter.
35 – Notice the little things.
36 – Give her flowers.
37 – Good hygiene is a must.
38 – Be confident.
39 – Don’t swear.
40 – Carry things for her.
41 – Always be the stronger one.
42 – Pay for dinner.
Hold her chair.
44 – Be a good listener.
45 – Don’t brag.
46 – Compliment her.
47 – Don’t use her.
48 – Respect her.
49 – Perform random acts of kindness.
50 – Never take her for granted.
51 – Give her breakfast in bed.
52 – Hang out with her friends too, not just yours.
53 – Do whatever it takes to make her happy
54 – She’s more important than video games.
55 – Don’t make a promise if you’re going to break it.
56 – If she slaps you, you probably deserved it.
57 – She should have three things from you; your sweatshirt, a stuffed animal and a really pretty ring.
58 – Never slap her, even if it’s just in a joking way
59 – If they complain that something hurts, rub it for them without being asked.
60 – Forget her birthday once and you’re screwed.
61 – Hug her from the back. 62 – Never insult her, even if you’re joking around.
63 – Never miss a date.
64 – Try your best to get her something on your vacation. (it doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as it’s from the heart)
65 – Wear that knitted sweater that she mad for you. (it will mean the world to her)
66 – Never ask her to buy you things.
67 – If you love her, show her, not your friends.
68 – Don’t get upset if she wants to watch chick flicks. (you might even like it)
69 – When she’s sick, don’t neglect her.
70 – Reply her texts.
71 – Never ask a girl out because of a dare.
72 – Never be late for a date.
73 – Unexpected surprises
74 – When both of you are in a fight, take the blame even if she’s wrong.
75 – Listen to what she has to say.
76 – If you know she loves you, don’t play with her emotions and take advantage of it.
77 – When she refuses to talk to you because you did something to upset her,insist and make up for it.
78 – Make her feel like a princess.
79 – Shift to the dangerous side when crossing the street.
80 – When she drops something, stop whatever you’re doing to help her.
81 – Never let her down of blow her off.
82 – Treat her like your best friend.
83 – Kiss the back of her hand.
84 – Love her when she least deserves it — that’s when she needs it the most.
85 – Tell her your stories and feelings too. She wants to hear them. Promise.
86 – Don’t tell her lies just to spare her feelings, she’d rather know the truth now rather than finding out later.
87 – Yes, “I’m cold” is another way of saying “hug me”.
88 – Believe her and believe in her.
89 – Always listen to what she has to say.
90 – Good grammar is sexy. 91 – Look her in the eyes.
92 – Let her rest her head on your shoulder.
93 – Take the initiative to go and talk to her.
94 – Have pillow fights with her.
95 – Never talk bad behind her back.
96 – Never be a jerk to her infront of her friends.
97 – Never go to parties or hang out with other girls without her.
98 – Never make excuses.
99 – Don’t talk to her when you’re mad. (you will screw something up)
100 – Don’t try to keep anything from her.
101 – Slip sweet notes in her locker. (they will make her day) 102 – Never let a day pass without saying ‘I love you’ to her.
103 – Always protect her from any kind of harm.
104 – Never give her a reason to think that she’s the man in the relationship.
105 – Grand gestures.
106 – Kiss her under the stars.
107 – Love her unconditionally .
108 – Make her an album of the songs that reminds you of her.
109 – Never lead her on if you know nothing’s going to happen.
110 – Never answer “Does this make me look fat?” question. (it’s a trick)
111 – If you love her, never let her slip away.
112 – Your warmth soothes her heart.
113 – When going out, don’t ask her what she wants to do, take charge and decide.
114 – Smile and laugh at her jokes, even if they aren’t funny. 115 – If you don’t have time for her, make time for her.
116 – Always be available for her.
117 – If you love her, tell her before it’s too late.
118 – Never forget an anniversary
119 – When you’re around her, always make her feel like you’re her first and last.
120 – It’s the little compliments that means alot to her.
121 – Show her off infront of your or her friends.
122 – When she’s tired, carry her.
123 – Never accuse her.
124 – Do it because you want to, not because you want something back in return.
125 – Actions speak louder than words.
126 – Have those I-love-you-more -figh­ts. (she thinks it’s cute)
127 – Don’t say whatever when you are arguing. (it’ll make her more mad)
128 – Never blame her for your mistakes.
129 – She loves that cute smirk. Promise.
130 – A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone’s feelings unintentionally .
131 – No more bro’s before ho’s. Well respected women, before bro’s.
132 – Don’t go anywhere without kissing her goodbye.
133 – Hold the door for every girl, attractive or not.
134 – Try to write a song for her, even if you’re not musically inclined. (she’ll love it no matter what)
135 – Text her good morning to have her day start with a smile.
136 – She comes first. Always.
137 – Never let her forget how much she means to you.
138 – Never let her fall asleep waiting for your call.
139 – Her “nothing” is always something.
140 – Never tell a girl she doesn’t understand. Ever. Chances are she does.
141 – Forehead kisses.
142 – Have a day for just you and her, she loves the one on one time.
143 – Have tickle fights with her (but let her win)
144 – Dance with her even when there’s no music on.
145 – Stay up, even if you are tired to talk or chat with her
146 – Never give her a reason to doubt your feelings for her. 147 – Never reject her kisses or hugs.
148 – Don’t text or call her just because you’re bored.
149 – Kiss her spontaneously in the middle of her sentence
150 – Love her for who she is, not for who you want her to be.

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