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My Sugar Mummy and I: The Envelope [pt 2}

I was at home that night, thinking of how great the day was and then I remembered the envelope Mrs. Y gave me. As I turned to reach out for my trousers, my phone rang and it was Teni
“ How are you handsome, So are you thinking of me? ”
“ I am ” (I had to lie cos I was actually thinking of her mum) “ …was thinking how soon I can undress, explore and plant my flag on you ”
“ Naughty boy ” she said as she chuckled, ” I have a boyfriend you know?! ”
“ You should! Does that disturb anything cos I wo.. ” she cut me off before I could finish the sentence
“ Doesn’t matter. How soon can we meet up before I head for school this weekend?…plsssss ”
“ Ok fine. Where are you suggesting? My house? Yours? Where? ” I quickly spelled out
“ Your house tomorrow at 12pm. Send me the address, and I’ll bring us what to eat…Watchu think about that? ”
“ That’s fine but….are we gonna..em..u know? So I’d know whether to work out overnight ”
“ A little push up will do… ”she said while laughing
“ See ya then, I’ll BB u the address now…Oops u don’t have a blackberry, I’ll send you a text then ”
“ Because of u, I’ll buy a BB… nonsense boy,bye jor ”
Just then I remembered the envelope. Just as I reached for the envelope inside the trousers, my phone rang again. I thought it was Teni again,only to find out it was her mum
“Hello Ma. I was just about to call you but couldn’t find credit anywhere”
“ I’m good. I’ll send you some credit in the morning ok? Just wanted to thank you for today and I hope this continues safely between us. I hope the money isn’t too small? ”
…I was thinking, why do they always say that? Not like I can answer that it is too small!
“ I haven’t even opened it ma, but I was just about to when you called. Thank you ma. I had fun today ”
“No problem dear. Don’t worry about calling me, I’ll do the calling ok? and pls no texts! We have to play safe here because my kids use my phone at anytime, so if you need to reach me, beep me and I’ll call you back. Take care of yourself and help yourself with some pain relievers and don’t try to act strong cos you need it”
We both laughed and she dropped the line.

This is insane. Am I going nuts? Is this really happening? Then I remembered the envelope and on checking out the contents, it was thirty thousand naira in clean mint thousand naira notes. Woow! It’s like the economic crunch didn’t hit some people. It’s not like the thirty thousand was a big deal (i hear most of y’all say hell it is!), but after meeting her just today, we had sex and I’m being paid thirty thousand naira? I’d let y’all do the maths.
Just then my phone rang just again. It was my mum calling me from the other end of the house (I stay in the BQ) that someone was at the gate. So I put aside the money and headed to see who the person was. In this rain? Who could it be? As I got outside, I asked who the person was before opening the gate(you cant be too careful in Lagos),then i heard a female voice saying “ It’s me Temi ”

What?! Did I hear her right? As I opened the door to confirm it, there was my worst fear come to pass. There she was, drenched in rain and up in tears, all she could mumble out after parting her rain drenched hair off her face was “Please I need you now. Please don’t turn me away…I cant go home..not now!…can I pass the night here please?”
I was scratching out solutions outta my head and asked her to come in, head down to the BQ whilst I go make an explanation to my parents about who was at the gate and probably get my food and some female clothings for her (Belinda, I’m sorry I had to borrow some of your clothes). I told my parents,some stranger was lost and I was giving him directions and then went on to meet her.
“ What happened? Did you have a fight with your mum? ” I asked.
“ No! I am coming from my boyfriend’s house with whom I was supposed to spend two days and caught him sleeping with someone else and he told me the bitch is his fiancée and sent me out like trash and asked me not to ruin his marriage plans. He called me a spoilt brat and so many other ridiculous names as I strolled out of his house ”
“But how did you get where I live? Have you been here before?”
“ No, I logged in with Teni’s account on facebook to look for your contact details but I did not see anything till I checked your profile on your blogsite and found it ”
I quickly added “ Why me? Dont you have any other friends? I’m 22 you know? And I still play by my parent’s rule. I could get in trouble if they knew you were here ”
“ We don’t have much friends except in school and you are the only person I could think of ”
“ Ok, fine! Get outta those wet clothes and lets eat. Guess I’m stuck with you for the night. Do you do playstations or you’d facebook on the laptop? There’s not much to do around here. ”
“ How can I thank you? Thank you very much ” as she started changing her clothes in front of me.
“Hey?! Watchu doing? I’m here you know?”
She managed a smile and said “ I wish I wasn’t on my period ”

I pondered on what that was supposed to mean. It could mean only one thing… might she wanna? nah? Could it be she’s in…? Couldn’t be. What was I thinking? Of course she wont mind having sex with me, its a cold night (who doesn’t need one on nights like this) and just then I asked her “ Have you ever had sex on your period?…not like I wanna…u get what I mean? ”
She shocked me by saying “ No, but I’ve always wanted to try that ”
Without further questions, I stood up and she came closer and then we kissed so passionately that it went for 15 minutes and then kissing down to her neck as she knelt down to lay on the mattress pushing away the playstaion pad and laptop gently to the side. She carefully removed her pad laden pant and she blew me out (literally as in wow and figuratively as in a blow job). She was the best and I could have returned the favour then I remembered she was actually on her period. I handed over the condom to her to signal it’s time for the real deal. She professionally slipped one of those expensive condoms you save for girls like this (I mean she didn’t look like a gold circle girl)

She started riding me like a jockey and I was pitying her poor boyfriend amidst the fun for letting her go and as I came, my dad beeped me. It was time to put off the generator. I noticed she still had more in her and I told her to reserve it till I come back and just managed a chuckle as she turned to her side.
Did not know NEPA (or PHCN) had brought the light for over thirty minutes and I quickly went to change the switch and on getting back, Temi was fast asleep. I stood staring at her, “Why would anyone ditch a girl like this?” As I lay beside her I felt something on the bed, it was the envelope…THE ENVELOPE!!

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