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My First Heart Break Experience – Looking Back

29th of April (four days after my bday). It’s around 11pm at night, and Tina(not real name is sitting on my lap as we both watch some random show. All seems great and wonderful in love land, and out of no where, my madam looks at me, and tells me “I don’t think I can be with you anymore. I just don’t love you like I used to.”She sha said some other gibberish but that’s the only thing I heard.

Damn! Like say person carry dagger shuk me for chest. That was my first real experience with heartbreak, and before you know what’s happening waterfalls start flowing o. Like real real tears.
Now I know this is not something most guys would admit, but omo if you love a babe and she dumps you unexpectedly that shit will hurt like hell…and it did. It hurt so bad that I didn’t know when I started boo-hoo-ing like a baby. You know when a child falls, and hurts themselves and they start crying with that “gear 1, gear 2 crying”? Yep. Na so your boy dey.
In the middle of the street. I get on knees and start begging this babe. Like really begging this babe. “Please don’t leave me. I’ll do anything. I’ll do anything.” In retrospect I’m not even sure if I knew what I did wrong, but I was just begging. My guys are there trying to control me, and tell me to “be a man” but me no send. Nah so I continue to dey beg this babe, on my knees.*Kai I’ve suffered sha*.

Looking back, it’s actually pretty f*cking pathetic, but sometimes that’s what happens when person carry your heart tear am well well. Needless to say I spent the following weeks listening to all the saddest love songs in the history of mankind, and watching sappy love movies…. I feel like throwing up now sef.
Tufiakwa! Chineke ekwen ife ojo! It shall not happen again lol.
I remember a friend of mine got dumped, and next thing my guy end up for hospital o. Dude couldn’t eat, sleep, for like a week, and all for one moi-moi babe like that. *hiss* But things like that do happen, and as much as guys want to feel like “Omo lai lai, it no dey happen to me”, it probably has at least once. If it hasn’t then just pray it doesn’t happen when you’re older with high blood pressure. LOL.

When I look back sef, I feel like someone should have given me a serious slap so my focus will shift momentarily. But it didn’t happen, no one took the bold step of slapping me and when I look now at the babe, I think to myself “Thank God you didn’t take me back sef.” You ever look back at an ex, and just think “Omo nah God save me from this o. When they say God knows best, he really does.”?
But that aside, let’s get into the real reason of this post, and that is; How low will you go or have you gone for someone you really love (or think you love)? Will you ever get down on your knees and beg? Like really beg? Do you regret it? I’ve begged, and people have begged me, and I know it’s not really a good look.

I mean comments section is anonymous, so una can talk true small, even though some boyz will never admit it sha. LOL. It’s really all just for shits and giggles.
As for me, it shall not happen again. The next time I’m on my knees is when it’s time to propose, and even that sef, I might just bone and stand. *straight face*

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  • Mypin
    Mypin | 17th June 2013

    True love is patient n kind.it is true n strong n wont fail u,eva.i no dis love.its nt speld lik luv bt love.learn2love!

  • Goat
    Goat | 17th June 2013

    When you love someone, its like you're blind… you tolerate bullshit just to keep the relationship going… all in the name of love… (stupid love). but when its all over, you'd finally realise how asinine you were for all the crap. A friend of mine was in a relationship with a guy.. he went violent with her, cheated on her… He didnt respect her! the fact that he hit her most of the time was enough to end their relationship… But she remained quiet about it, stood strong, hoping for the best fron the "nothing" they had left… her friends abused her, other guys were there for her to date, but she still remained faithful. He finally broke up with her saying "i am tired of you"…. you can imagine how she felt… This guy even happened to be the one she lost her virginity to… It was really hard for her… After like 2 months, this guy begged her… guess what? she agreed… Point line is, most boys arent worth it. they dont know how to treat girls..

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