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Sex With My Unknown Boss |The Reply

I woke up in his arms… I hadn’t opened my eyes…I knew where i was. In his house, in his room. I could feel his arms around my waist… I didn’t want this to end. I gradually opened my eyes to find him sleeping beautifully… Then my stomach rumbled. I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten an appropriate meal in a while and i could guess he was also hungry. I could surprise him with breakfast… Quietly and carefully, i detached myself from him… He didn’t even move an inch!… He is such a deep sleeper. I checked time, 8:15, i had to hurry with the meal, he was going to wake up any time soon… I headed for the kitchen, i didn’t bother with clothes, i wore my thong and one of his t-shirts…

I rummaged his fridge… From what i could see, it looked like he hadn’t opened it in weeks… There was nothing much, eggs, butter, bread beer… I could settle for bread and fried eggs… After frying the eggs, thought i’d make myself some coffee when someone hugged me from behind. I screamed instantly, and then i turned around and saw him… I laughed hard! I must have looked stupid!…. I gave him a good morning kiss.

He sat down for his meal… I suddenly became shy. I felt this vibe around him… Could it be love? I asked myself. He was excited… Maybe he felt it too… I went on to serve breakfast… He was done with his meal after which he gave me a kiss… I unconsciously giggled… I just loved the way he kissed me!… I wanted more of him!. “what are your plans for today” i asked, “errr i have no plans”he replied… “you do now” i said, he seemed surprised. He laughed and nodded his head “what exactly do you have in mind?” he asked… “i want to spend more time with you, i really like you if you haven’t noticed” i wanted to shout, i didn’t want to be rejected so soon, when it all just started and so i thought twice “i’m leaving now, lets see a movie together. Meet me at the mall by 2″… I left for the room to put on my clothes, he was behind me, he tried to persuade me for a quickie… He knew better than that, it was a tempting one but we both knew we would spend more time than usual and so i declined saying “we’d end up not leaving the room the whole day”

I kissed him and left his house. At exactly 2:05, i got to the cinema, i thought he’d have been waiting for me… To my disappointment, i was the one doing the waiting. I waited for about 10minutes before he arrived… After apologising, we went on to see the movie… After the movie, we kept on talking, he was such a conversationalist. We went round the mall, making fun of people around… I asked some basic questions to keep our conversation flowing… Suddenly, as i felt i could feel closer, i wanted to know more, my questions went deeper…

He seemed uncomfortable with the change. “are you okay” i asked, concerned, “yes” he replied coldly, “i don’t think so, you look like you just saw a ghost”… “yesternight was fun, we hooked up, the sex was awesome” he told me, “i’mglad you enjoyed it” i said with a smile i couldn’t control, “i am not looking for anything serious and this right here is getting serious, i feel like you are already picturing up together”. With that, color drained from my face, i thought we had something special, i didnt want him to know how his words had hurt me. “ooooh” i replied, “we’re cool right?””yes” i managed! It hurt badly. So he never imagined anything serious between us, i left the mall, the last thing i was going to do was to make him see how much he’d hurt me.

Monday morning was a total shock, i almost fainted! My dad introduced me to the same guy i hooked up with as his HOD!! Life couldn’t get any better!

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    Y | 17th June 2013

    :D!!!!… YeAAAaaaAAHHHHhHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!…

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