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My Sugar Mummy and I: Secrets and Secreations [Pt 3]

I woke up before her and as I tried to slip away quietly she said “Good morning sweet”and I decided not to reply her as I went to the bathroom to ease myself of the morning hard-ons. On getting back she was fully dressed and was ready to leave, I asked her where she was going to, and she replied “I have to go now before your folks wake up and I know ur little secret!” What could she mean? Did she know about my “thingy” with her mum? It was driving me crazy and as I turned to ask her what she meant, she said…..

“I know of you and my sister, she’s coming here today…isn’t she? She tells me everything u know?! And I know you guys are definitely gonna have sex”…I did make aloud sigh of relief and she continued “could you keep what happened today between us? To make sure of that here is my second ATM and the pin is my year of birth. Please don’t tell Teni…promise me!”

How much more secrets can I keep? First her mum’s and then now hers. Then I realised I was taking too long to reply her… “I promise and you really don’t have to do this” I said.
“Ur apartment needs a little pepping up and we both know u need the cash, just take it…and one more thing?”
”Yea” I managed to mumble out
“Can you repeat this feat anytime I wanna please?! If u aint with anyone then?”
“what if the anyone was Teni?”
“We are sister, we are used to sharing”

I sincerely hope she was trying to make a joke. As we stepped out trying to avoid my parent, my dad stepped out and the unimaginable happened! Temi knew my dad (how?! I was to find out very soon). “Temi, what are you doing here? And what’s all this? So this is how you have been sneaking girls in and out of my house?”…oops.

It happened that Temi and my dad had had something to do with her and they lost contact when she changed schools…I went numb as Temi quickly narrated the story to me and ask me if I had a problem with it, “are you insane? Of course I have a problem with it…I’ve shared the same…” just then my dad pulled temi and I into my room to avoid my mum hearing our conversation and I noticed my phone had just finished ringing and I saw 18 missed calls from Teni and just then she called back.

“Hey handsome you were still asleep right? I couldn’t sleep and I hope you haven’t forgotten about our appointment”
“No, sweet and can’t wait”…I said trying so hard to act right
“Ok, I’d bring food and I have a little surprise for you”
Little did she know nothing can surprise me no more, not today and we ended the brief conversation and I noticed my dad arguing quietly with temi and I was looking on the bright side, this is an open cheque that will change my life forever. Mrs. Y, Temi and my dad would pay a fortune to keep their secrets and I stepped into their argument and told Temi that I’ll handle it from here and that its time for her to go.

She made me reassure her five times that I meant it before she left. I saw her off to the nearest place she can get a straight cab home and when she left I decided to check her account balance and wow, was I surprised. She had ₦107,256.65 (and yes why wont I remember the exact amount?). I withdrew six thousand naira to get a hair cut and some expensive condoms (never knew condoms come that expensive, who buys that shit?!) and some air freshener for my room.

As I got into a bus home (never shy of em buses, cabs are expensive…at least compared to a bus!), Mrs Y called me to ask if I had seen the credit. I told her I noticed a text came in earlier but I had not read it and I said thank you in anticipation. I got home and both parents had gone out and my dad left a note saying………….
“The main house key is where it always is and Ur mum left your food in the blue cooler and I’m sorry for all that happened this morning and as compensation, I left you some money beside your food and the key to the Nissan Altima is on the shelf. My secret should be safe with you. You know I really love my family…blah…blah …blah”

Altima? Wow! He never lets anyone touch the altima and its all mine (at least for now). I went in to have my bath and with just my towel, I let myself in the main house to get my food and there was the money he left for me, 20,000 Naira (I’m asking myself why did it have to start now when I had just 2 months to being sent to some northern state in the name of serving a country that has no intent of serving its populace) and just then I heard the gate banging. I checked the time and it was 10:48am and I immediately knew that was impatient Teni waiting in line to get my rammifier (I’m sure I’m not the only one that names his dick) and I went to the gate to open it and there she was, ravishing (and somewhat revealing) as always with nylon bags on bothhands and she laughed at my belly and said I thought you work out?

“That’s what graduation does to you and is that your way of saying hi? You should be punished” I said
“I’ve been a bad girl daddy, punish me and spare not the rod, yet spoil me” and she jumped to hug me and told me she had a surprise for me and before then I have a secret I want to share with you….NO PLS, NOT ANY MORE SECRETS!

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