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My Sugar Mummy and I: Hell Yea (The Concluding Part)

Teni came in early around 10:48am and I immediately knew that was impatient Teni waiting in line to get my rammifier (I’m sure I’m not the only one that names his dick) and I went to the gate to open it and there she was, ravishing (and somewhat revealing) as always with nylon bags on bothhands and she laughed at my belly and said “ I thought you work out? ”
“That’s what graduation does to you and is that your way of saying hi? You should be punished” I said
“I’ve been a bad girl daddy, punish me and spare not the rod, yet spoil me”
And she jumped to hug me and I have a surprise for you and before then I have a secret I want to share with you….NO PLS, NOT ANY MORE SECRETS!!!

I thought I said it in my mind now knowing my mouth had spilled a little and she asked “Has temi told you?…that silly girl!…I knew it, she just couldn’t keep her mouth from running and couldn’t keep her eyes off u…oh I…..”
I quickly stopped her “nooo, she said nothing, it’s just am finding it hard to keep up with my demons and secrets that threatens to shake my existence and family real hard but I guess u won’t understand…by the way..really? Temi’s tripping? Who could have thought that?!”
“..oops I guess I just blew it, pls don’t tell her pls?!”
I planted a kiss on her and reassured her that her slip-offs are safe with me as I escorted her to my apartment and asked her what the real secrets are and after few shy moves and persuasion she said “ this is my first time! ”
Really? Are you kidding me? That’s the secret? Thank God! “ Don’t worry, I’d go gentle on you ” I said after a very long pause as I went down to slowly undress her to reveal her red underwear (which she told me were Victoria’s secrets) and a tattoo of a butterfly on her huge bum. She has a very gorgeous body and a cute look to go with it. Just then she reached out for one of the nylon bags and brought out a porn DVD and flavoured condoms. I told her we need no porn cos we’ll invent our very own styles and we have almost the whole day to ourselves, I eased off her panties to expose her clean shaven haven dripping with juice as she was literally melting with every touch.

I reached into the bedside fridge with one hand to break off a chunk of ice and rubbed it on her extremely hard clitoris and that got her screaming as she came squirting on my face, that was my very first squirt and an impressive one too. She felt very embarrassed about the squirt and I took time out to explain the normality of the process and just when she felt confident, I flipped her over and rammed her gently from behind, quite tightly at first but soon eased up to allow the whole content of my manhood, just as I was enjoying my ride I heard a loud moan and I knew Jericho has fallen. She turned and held on to me tightly as a baby monkey would. She let em tears flow gently on her cheeks lighting up her face.
I soon got over the moment and asked her if she was ready for some real fun and with her tear stained voice she moaned a yes and I showed her who’s boss and afterwards we ate lunch.

She took some painkillers and we headed out in the “Altima” to drop her off to the nearest place she can get a cab home. She got out and leaned over the windows to thank me and she said “ I can’t thank you enough. This is the exact way I pictured my first time; affectionate and wild. Only I pictured my boyfriend as the guy. I did leave you a little something under the pillow and I hope this doesn’t end” and then she blew me a kiss.
As I drove home, I thought to myself “ is this the life I wanted as a gigolo? ”….and the only answer I could give myself was HELL YEA!!

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