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I Dont Like Her Friends

They say birds of the same feather flock together and many times I feel like it’s true but in this instance I hope it’s not. So I was dating this girl a while back, and

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That First Love

I sit down in the chair as I recall the event that happened at the restaurant. She broke up with me. I was shocked when the words came out of her mouth. She did not

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Ashewos And The Men That Patronise Them

You do not need to stay on the Island or drive along Adeyemo Alakija to come in contact with Ashewos because Blackberry and Social network platforms like Facebook and twitter have made it so easy

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Having A Bad Day

We have a featured writer Today. He's a good friend of mine.. Enjoy.Have you ever had an extremely bad day, I mean a really bad day. Am talking like when you wake up in the

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When is The Right Time To Commit Suicide?

I need help …I need to understandI need an explanationI seriously do not understand the process people go through before they decide to take their own life.I’ve been through a lot, but what’s the real

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KIDS!!! | Dont You Just H@#E Them

I have stopped going to Silverbird Cinemas and the E-Center. Why? Because I have no intention of being paraded on ‘Crime-fighters’ and spending the rest of my life in Kiri-Kiri maximum prison for voluntary manslaughter

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Another Break-up Story

“You don’t call me anymore…”“You only call me when you want to have sex…”“I asked you the other night, who was calling you at 5 A.M., you just brushed it off…”“I feel like you’re using

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