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When is The Right Time To Commit Suicide?

I need help …
I need to understand
I need an explanation

I seriously do not understand the process people go through before they decide to take their own life.
I’ve been through a lot, but what’s the real definition of “ bad’? Life has not been all rosy for me. If you put together the number of girls that have turned me down, they would make up a Local Government Area.

I’ve written and failed enough aptitude tests that my answer scripts all put together could be developed into a text book titled “How not to answer test questions for dummies”. At different points I’ve been so broke that I thought that MTN was the best thing after sliced bread for introducing the service that allows subscribers with no units to text people saying “Call me, I love you” but that was until one driver sent it to his female boss. (Yes, it was his last day)
You’ll agree with me that I’ve been through a lot but I’ve never once considered suicide.

How? Maka why? God forbid. So after my suicide, my brother will be rocking my Rock & Republic jeans any how and the people owing me money will never come out to pay my family? People who never really knew you will go to town with different versions of the story.

“His girlfriend was sleeping with his best friend and killed himself after finding out”

while some will say,

“ They denied him Visa to the US because of his beard and he killed himself”

Whatever the case,I, Hendrix “Oluwa(lord)Hman” Nwaokolo, will never contemplate suicide.

As Nigerians, we always thought none of us would ever consider suicide bombing. That was until the morning of December 25th, 2009. Everything we thought we knew about Nigerians changed. Farouk Abdulmultallab, with a promise of 72 (or what’s the right figure?) virgins decided to plant a bomb in his pants to make heaven without thinking that he would require his penis manhood for his Virgins. What’s the use of 72 virgins without your penis manhood? Will he use the virgins as decorations or was he also promised brand new virgin penis manhood in heaven? I still think that if you must commit suicide, kill yourself and leave innocent people. But then again, do you really have the right to take your life?

We all agree that life isn’t easy but nobody said it was going to be! Neither did anyone ever say taking ones life would make life easier for the living. If there’s nothing new under the sun then somebody must have passed through the same thing you may be going through at the moment.
Marriages will always break up; people will always lose their jobs on daily basis and loved ones will always disappoint us. But only the weak will allow such temporary situations weigh them down. Yes, we cannot shape the past but we have the power to change what’s left of our future. Troubles will always come but it’s left for you to push for air or drown. Pulling the trigger on oneself has not been known to have solved any problem.

On Easter Sunday 2004, a certain young man committed suicide because he was deported to Nigeria from overseas. This late young man was sent overseas with money contributed by family and friends. He got there, married a white lady in order to get a green card. But he was cheating on her. When she found out she reported him to law enforcement authorities and because of incomplete documentation he was deported.
On getting back to his motherland- Nigeria, he concluded that he couldn’t cope and took his own life leaving his family and loved ones behind. His death inspired his friend Sound Sultan to write one of his best songs “Motherland”

His death may have inspired a song but hey, that did not stop deportation.
The choice is entirely yours but remember SUICIDE solves nothing.
“Do not be a fool–why die before your time?” says the Good Book.

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