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Letter To My Ex-Girlfriend | With A Broken Heart

What I intend now to say is… is… is… I loved you truly; I liked your smile, your laugh, and your beautiful black glistening eyes, I liked the curl of your hair, I liked the touch of your soft skin, I liked your sexy voice(NT the fake ones), and I liked your smell, too… I liked everything about you … But you broke my heart, You… You… You… broke my heart! You broke the heart of the greatest literary figure of 21st century, you shall never be forgiven for that, mind you!

Tell you what. [What?] Since the time you left me,I’ve realized that I’m a good-looking man with whom many girls want to spend time. You see, love is really blind for it blinded me and I could see no one but you and only you. But, now my eyes are wide open, and I’ve awakened from the deep slumber of your bitter love.

Have you lost your mind? Seriously, when we first met, I thought you were the one I had been waiting for my whole life. Now, I don’t know what I was thinking.

I let you into my life… I shared everything I had with you. You had nothing. Everything that was mine helped you make you who you are today. Oh, how we forget so easily. You’ve let others come between us. I know I never had any money, but you didn’t have to go shack up with the richest guy around the first chance you got.

BTW How is your new love? Caught a big fish this time, eh? Hope you’ve told him that you would love him till the end of your life just like you told me once. This perhaps you’ve said to gazillion of other guys foolish enough to have fallen for you. Tell me; what magic spell did you whisper this time?
Did you give him all those nicknames by which you used to call me: My baby, honey,my darling, etcetera, and etcetera?

Hope your new love is from a wealthy family, unlike me. I’m sure he can take you to expensive theatre and buy popcorn for you every now and then; buy you weavons, make-up, slippers, buy ice-cream for you as and when you demand.

I’ve tried everything, letting you have more than you could’ve ever hoped for. I let you into my heart. You learned my deepest secrets, and then you used them all against me. How dare you?! How could I have been so stupid?

Yes, we fought a lot. Sometimes, it was my fault. Sometimes, it was yours. But you go around telling everyone you’re always the victim, that I was the one “terrorising” you. What a liar! How many times have I let you humiliate me around other people? Yet I kept telling everyone we were going to work everything out. Boy, was I wrong.

Do warn your new love not to glance at any other girls passing by; let him behave as saintly as possible. He should receive the same treatment as I did. Now, I have known being possessive is your birthright and known that ‘possessiveness’ is a word solely reserved for you; don’t worry, I’ll never interfere in your matters as you’re not mine anymore, but for sure you can interfere with my life as much as you want, for I’m still slightly yours. I’ve learnt to let anger live and die within me without letting it outburst (thanks to the anger management book I’ve read recently), I can now swallow my anger for I’ve known the outcome of a decision one makes while one is angry is always devastating. However, don’t think that I want you back. No, no, I don’t.

I’m the only one who has made any sacrifices for this relationship. I go around telling everyone I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy. You pretend like I don’t even exist.

We’ve tried to reconcile many times. I even agreed to things I knew were bad for me, just to see if it would work out. I’ve never known how to say no to you. You’ve had a hold on me. But no more! I’m moving on.

From now on, I don’t want anything to do with you. And by the way, I got your letter saying that you wanted me to profess my love for you in front of everyone. What nerve! When you start admitting that you did me wrong, then we’ll talk about that kind of stuff.

But I’ll tell you something right now. If we don’t end up together, I hope you at least don’t put anyone else through what I had to endure. It just makes me so mad. I see you making all these mistakes, and I’m afraid you won’t realize it until it’s too late and you’re all alone.

But you know what? If that happens, you deserve it.
I tried to warn you, just accept me for who I am. Don’t try to change me. I’ll always be the person you fell for: fiery, protective, passionate, and full of love. How could you have not seen it all this time? We could’ve had something special, if you didn’t go and screw it all up.

You’re so full of yourself, thinking you’re so perfect, thinking you never do anything wrong. Take a look in the mirror. All of this is your fault. ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS OPEN YOUR HEART ….. AND SHARE A LITTLE..Go figure out your problems on your own. We’ll see if you can do it without me! Don’t call me. Don’t text me. Don’t e-mail me. I can’t wait to change my Facebook relationship status. Just stay out of my life! Fuck you,

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