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Poem | A love like ours

I know how you feel but I can’t force myself to Love you.
Days gone by, trying to be real. Let’s not even argue.

You See, I’ve tried & tried but I cannot deny the feeling is not the same for you.
See, I can’t live a lie, you go find another guy who will go insane for you.

Say that you love me, I don’t feel the same.
Not what we once were, You distinguished our flame.

Always tell me you want me,Rub your feelings in my face.
I’m sorry, my darling, My heart is in a different place.

I can’t turn on my emotions,Just to fall in love with you.
You’re not the one I want,Harsh, but it’s true.

Fight with me constantly,Tell me how I should feel.
I can’t be programmed, honey, Nor lie that it’s real.

Good friends are what we are, It’s what we shall remain.
I know of your longing, Your great frustrating pain.

I’m in the same predicament,And it’s ripping me apart.
But what you’re trying to do, Is blackening my heart.

I can’t help how I feel, In a fate that wasn’t planned. Lets lay off a few, baby,
start afresh with “just being friends”

And see where the winds blow us to…but I’m damn sure it’ll never End!

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