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That Love That Wont Die

Yeah Yeah…I know. Been a while right? School ish an a lot more other complicated things going on in my life right now has made me lost my mojo. So I Came home for the weekend and I think I’m getting it back. Enjoy……..

That Love That Won’t Die

It all started at a GiG organised by our school SUG. And by the time I had fallen in love, I didn’t even know that I had fallen-into-love. I tried to fight off the feeling. This emotion was alien to my nature. I had never felt anyone feel this way about me before, and now I felt this way, about her.

It was sweet at first. We’d pick a garden and curdle our legs beneath the big old trees. Under the shade, no one could see us. We were buried in each others eyes.
But when the tough times came, we had it rough. Countless times, she saying ” Bye, I’m going. I’m gone”.
She always came back, not to apologise but to wade through the spheres of my chest and whisper ” Don’t know why, but I can’t leave”.

We were spirits and our bodies were mere shells. So, in times of passion, we tore through the walls of our flesh. Bleeding in love every crevice of our bodies.
We were magnetic. Each time I pulled away, a stronger force drew me closer. I did not have a mind of my own, and neither did she.

Our love was a soft violin, a soft hand dilly dangling on the strings of purity that melted our souls into one. We never existed. We lived in a monologue, a “to be or not to be” moment in time. She was perfect for me and I for her. We were too perfect to be mortals. So we died.

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