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The Chronicles

Nna men this girl don erase me from her life. A whole ME, Eziokwu? Does she know who I am? These were the initial thoughts that ran through my mind. But after a while (a couple minutes) I decided to move on with my life. I consider myself to be every woman’s delight. The sad reality is that this was not the first time this happened to me.

There was this babe named ‘L’ that I meet. This girl fine pass all the babes I don date. We started hanging out and vibe with each other. Things dey flow well and so on. One obstacle was that I was casually dating someone else, ‘P’ at the time. ‘P’ and I were not exclusive. It was understood that we could date other people. So when I meet ‘L’ I told her up front about ‘P’. She was cool with it at first but then finally started to apply pressure about what we were doing.

She sternly said “you have 2 weeks to make up your mind”, I nodded and after two weeks she asked what my decision was and I was still undecided. After that she pretty much cut me off.

So when L did her own magic I knew what was going to happen. First, she would feel liberated and glad that the “Ass” is out of her life. Her friends will give her high fives as in you did right thing because Hman was Dulling. After the high fives and so are over and done with L will have to go back to her domain alone. Second, loneliness starts to creep in and finally she breaks down and she decides to make contact.

In L’s case she was strong headed and waited a couple weeks before making contact again. In fact, she showed up to “the Lion’s Den”, my house, for an event. After the gathering was over; we started with small talk and before we knew it we were exchanging salvia. We talked briefly about the ultimatum but not too specific. We started seeing each other more and more and by the time we knew it we are dating casually just like I wanted … Yay, I win.

She still complains every now and then about wanting a relationship but I combat those with not being ready. Not sure what’s going to happen with us going forward.

My questions is why are Nigerian women in such a hurry to settle down. Time dey … wouldn’t you much rather be single at 35 than married and pissed off at 35. As for L I think my unwillingness to conform to her demands and/or not willing to fight for her has really turned her off. But let’s see what happens….

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