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Poem | The Girlfriend I Never Had

I could remember the whole incident without any effort

On that fateful day I went to the school’s cafeteria to find my stomach its comfort,
With the intention that my break away from the protest will be brief and short,
Only for my eyes to be caught up with an angelic beauty of some sort.

Sitting alone on a table for two was this girl, the exact girl of my dream Innocently having a peaceful lunch: potato chips and a cup of ice cream.
She seemed far away as if she was at the other end of the stream.
“Will you be my girlfriend” my heart wanted to scream.

I walked towards her but before I was close enough, The peaceful protest outside started to turn rough.
The police shot tear gas in the air, everywhere was tensed and tough.
People ran helter skelter raising dust, I guess that made her cough.

Then the real shooting began and everyone became scared.
I offered her my hand as a gesture that I cared.
She looked into my eyes and I guess she saw that even death at that moment I dared.
Though in the corner of my heart I prayed that we could be spared.

As we ran for cover I asked for her name,
Only to look up and saw she wasn’t the same.
Till today no one know from where the bullet came
But it went straight to her heart and she gave up within the shortest time frame.

There were reports that at that point I actually went mad
Justifying the few days I spent in the psychiatric ward….. yes it was that bad….
Though today makes it 5 years ago; remembering the whole incident still makes me sad.
Because I helplessly watched the girl of my dream die as the girlfriend I never had.

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