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Anatomist (B.Sc)

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The Friendly Night Guest

 T’was late last night when I went to sleepI’d been so worked up so I slept too deepI was oblivious of my phone’s “beep-beep”And I did not know someone’d come to peepHe opened my door

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Thanks For The Birthday Wishes

To those that wrote on my Facebook wall, (about300+ of you)2days ago was my birthday. Yeah! But unlike when I turned 18 (old enough to bet the ponies) or when I turned 20 (duh), I

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Tha Day Jonah Became A Fish

“The Lord sent Jonah to Nineveh to the…the lord sent Jonah to the people of….the lord sent…aaargh!”I groaned in frustration. This just wasn’t working. I wasn’t cut out for any kind of reading. If it

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The Day I Saw The World | Poem-ish

On the day that I saw the world.For the first time, frightening, I so feeble,So wide and big and filled with people.I, weeping for the loss of the cocoon that shielded,They, rejoicing for the gain

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Dear God

Dear God,We’re tired of praying prayers that have no faith. You know us better than we know ourselves so why do we constantly try to play on Your intelligence? We know that we don’t spend

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Poem | I miss

I MISS                                                                                                                                                                I miss waking up each morning to the message you sent while I slept...."Stopping by to drop a kiss in your dreams"I miss hearing your voice when it’s all groggy nd tiny

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Dear Future Wife | Letter V

Dear Future Wife,I know it's been a long time I wrote to you. The devil have tried every available means possible to make me forget about you. For example if you read my "April fools'

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My Birthday Guide

Its Seven days to my bday!!! Yaaaaaayy!!Unfortunately, I have exams that day. :-(But notwithstanding, I don't want this bday to be like every other bday I've had for the last 20years. C'mon I officially enter

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RANT | Girls, women, Females…Whatever your problems are!

It’s so infuriating the way most girls think.They say they are not the weaker vessels, that they are equal to the average man, but then they go around to expect men to open the door

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April Fools | My experience

All I had on my mind was to have a mad night of fun with this sweet girl I had just met and hardly knew.Slim', was her name if memory serves.( Well you didn’t think

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