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Poem | I miss

I miss waking up each morning to the message you sent while I slept….
“Stopping by to drop a kiss in your dreams”

I miss hearing your voice when it’s all groggy nd tiny from not enough sleep….
“Hey babe! Good morning… Have an awesome day”

I miss bugging you all day, filling you in on the minutest detail
My course mate just peed her pants! LOL! I crave carbs! Diets suck! Ugh”!

I miss those unplanned visits…
Surprise! Guess who’s in town? Coming to ur house in a bit

I miss the random messages…
You’re beautiful, inside and out! Lucky me

I miss the chastising
“You snapped at your mum?! Why?! Okay, I understand but you have to apologize to her”

I miss making the future plans
“Small wedding, HUGE honey mooning!” Lol

I miss helping you pick out an outfit
You should totally rock the brown shoes with that Red dress(I loved the red dress)

I miss the endless teasing and banter
Your head’s big, by the way.. We both know yours is bigger!

I miss the cuddling even when we fight
Oya shift! I want to cuddle

I miss the pampering
You look tired, lie down I’ll massage. You need to eat babe, please. A kiss for every spoon, deal?
Oh, I miss the deal

I get that school is crappy but if you go today and study enough to impress me, you get a gift.
And of course the bribery…

I miss the impromptu fun games
Let’s make lunch together, over the phone of course. You give the instructions and I’ll cook

I miss… Gosh, I miss everything! I miss the things I can’t have because, well, because I’m alone …And while being single has it’s perks, I miss the things I could have…

I miss my first love.
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