2013 / 25 April

The Day I Saw The World | Poem-ish

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On the day that I saw the world.

For the first time, frightening, I so feeble,
So wide and big and filled with people.

I, weeping for the loss of the cocoon that shielded,
They, rejoicing for the gain of a one so awaited.

The questions in mind as they hoisted me high,
A doctor, lawyer, writer or why!
Even a president, their dreams did fly.

In the twenty odd years that have come and gone,
And the sorrows and joys I have seen and borne,

In this, I remain thankful, most of all to You,
Lord most high, without you I’d be in a awe.

Even when I am in the wrong,
Your grace is there to keep me strong.

And my family, support of my existence.
Thank you so much for your love and persistence.

I frustrate you a lot. Yes I do.
But then, you’re all my favourite boos.

To my friends both near and far,
Know that you are always dear to my heart.

And though I may not call and text adlib,
I should hope we will meet in a better place anon.

With this I say happy birthday to me.
With hopes and prayers many more to see.

Before you say it, *sheeeh* I know. I should get flogged and thrown into a
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