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Thanks For The Birthday Wishes

To those that wrote on my Facebook wall, (about 300+)
To those that wrote on my Facebook wall, (about300+ of you)

2days ago was my birthday. Yeah!

But unlike when I turned 18 (old enough to bet the ponies) or when I turned 20 (duh), I don’t really care. And like many of us on our *special days*, I got a lot of love on facebook: from old friends, family members, professional contacts—that random guy whose friend request I accepted while drunk and who now invites me to “one event on london” almost every weekend. It’s actually quite touching, and I totally appreciate it. But also: a puzzle. How do you properly acknowledge all of this good will? Unless you have like 4 friends, answering each post is a losing proposition.

But thank God for Blogs, I’m going to answer those questions that I randomly checked out here……

So, To all of those who asked “So… how does it feel to be 21?”, the answer is the exact same as it does to be 20.

Believe it or not, not a lot changed instantly the day my birthday hit. Really, the only birthday you can say feels way different is the actual day you were born. Suddenly you are in a world void of amniotic fluid.

If newborn babies could talk, they would probably say, “What was all that pushing about? Can I go back in now?”

To anyone who said “Happy birthday,/HBD” thanks for the thought I guess. It’s nice to know that you want me to have one day out of the year that is happy. That’s almost 0.3% of my year being filled with joy. I guess it would be weird, though, if people just walked up to me the other 364 and said “Happy day.” There is no doubt in my mind that I would feel very uncomfortable.

To everyone who sang me a song, hahaha Thanks. And if you still planning to sing me one….. Unless that song is a brand new birthday composition set to the tune of “Mr. Tambourine Man,” I have heard it.

In fact, I have had this song directed at me at least 25 times already and, seeing as how three of the four lines of the song are THE EXACT SAME THING, I think I’ve gotten the message.

So, If someone really wanted to throw me, they would change a line in the song to something unrelated: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, My socks are a cotton polyester blend, happy birthday to you.” I would spend the rest of my birthday thinking about your socks and wondering how well they hold up.

To the people who stressed on “And many mooooooooooore…” to the end of that Happy Birthday song, just know I hate you. For every second you hold out “moooooooooore,” my hate grew exponentially. Once again, though, you could just change it and I would have no complaints: “Good job not dyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!”

To those who bought me a present, it is exactly what I wanted. It is perfect. It fits perfect. You did a great job.

That guy, that was bold enough to enter the banking hall and paid N20. into my account….. Loool God bless you!

That lovely Girl that paid for my BIS *kisses*

How will I forget the Coke!! Thanks…. I needed it after that conc exam.

Then Dr. Enahowo for the table water. I almost passed out after that stipple chase exam.. But If you are reading this, you can like to give me an ‘A’ in that Neuro-Anatomy + Head and Neck Exam.

Also, (Mina, tiffany, Brittany…..) that card you picked out was very funny and/or touching. I laughed/cried. To those whose present was a gift card, good call. There’s nothing that says “Happy Birthday” like a $10 credit to Old Navy.

To those that wrote on my Facebook wall, (about 300+) just know I probably will not see it for at least a week as I tend to forget Facebook exists. This is not a personal slight against you as I replied already to some. But you all were far too kind. I’ll still try to reply to more though.

To my BBM family!! I love you guys!
Those that used me as D.P through out the day (Itimi, MJ, Grace, ruki,…..)

half of the day,( Ebode 🙂 )
Quarter of the day,
1Hour, 30min, 10min you guys were lovely!

To those that didn’t….(Mamuzo, Eben, Obi, Jackie, ND, Sara….and abt 20 others) *no Comment*

Those that said “HBD” on their PMs thanks you guys are the bomb.

Inevitably, I got massages about aging. “You’re getting old,” they said. Of course, this is true. I am. In fact, so is everyone. We are all simultaneously getting old. That’s how time works. Imagine how weird it would be if someone wasn’t getting old.

To these people, I say, “No, I’m not. I’m immortal! Long after you are gone and buried, I will still be here!” There is no good response to that, so that will squash that conversation almost immediately.

So! Last but not least, special thank you to my Classmates you guys really surprised me people I never talked to since 100level wishing me a happy birthday and then the gifts. Plus how can I forget you that let me spy from ur work when my head became blank (I dunno if you allowed me spy cos it was my birth day or if you would have allowed me spy any other day.

Obviously, I am not a computer to remember all the names of people that were in particular kind to me on my birthday so………….

To those that I forgot to mention there names here……people that wished me on twitter (@onyix_ @sweetexcynn @delsuinfo)those that remembered but forgot to wish me……. And to those that forgot totally(well)……

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