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To My Best Pal On His Birthday | BADARU OLUWATOBI


I’m not even sure where to begin this  really.

Can I start off by saying that you are fuckin’ amazing?
Because you are.

Not many times in a lifetime comes a special person who changes your way of thinking, your perspective…your life.

They bring in a special spice, a variety to your existence
They make you glad of your uniqueness; they occupy a special place in your heart and never really leave

They’re your friend, your confidante, your family
They’re there for you through thick and thin and just love you unconditionally.

They see grace, skill and genius in your “stupid-est” accomplishment

They see the best in you and as a result make you see the best in yourself.

Yeah we have fights,  but that’s what friends do; fight and then make up.

If you have a friend that does not tell you the truth, they are not real.

Being “REAL” is very important. If you have a good friend, cherish that person/people. Friends are a gift from God..

How does one define friendship??

I think the simple definition is when people know all about you, but like you anyway. I think you need friends as much as you need your food. I don’t mean fake friends.


I remember back in the days when i used to think that it was fine being alone. I felt that i could take on everything by myself & i convinced myself that i was fine being alone.

Without friends.

Not that i did not want friends but i did not know who to trust. You get me?

It made me feel sad. I later realised that by sharing some of my burdens & anger with real friends, i feel way much better. I know that my problem have not been solved but it just made me feel better inside.

The person you become is as a result of the people you’ve met or failed to meet.

I think that every friend serves a purpose in my life.
They stand up for you when you’re tired of doing it for yourself.

They keep you in check when you’re getting out of line,

They’re that person you never regret meeting cos they make your life richer just by being in it.
You’re that person to me Badaru Oluwatobi my bestest pal.

I hope every wish you ever made comes true

I hope you find everything you’re looking for

I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you whether you ask me to or not

I want you to know that I’ll never betray you, your confidence or your trust

I want you to know that you’ll be a friend in my heart for always

Here’s to a 100  more years of friendship:


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