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Dear God 2 | Finding Inner Peace

Dear God,

After my first letter to you, you opened my heart to a lot of things, things that I was ignorant of. Things that many has regarded as little but yet is as big as the biggest thing any one can imagine….. You know I don’t read the bible or do I listen to messages but you led me to these verses:

  • Jeremiah 1:4-5

  • Isaiah 9:6

  • John 15:13

  • 1 john 4:8

I don’t know what they mean but I do know they have a lot in common. You made me understand that In the recessed shadows of my heart, I have found an inner peace.

A peace that isn’t always visible or audible to the outer world. It’s only to be found when others see You living within me. Its a still quiet voice that brings a sense of calm that can not be explained by most. Your spirit whispers my name and cradles me in your majestic arms.
I have struggled with personal pain and emotional upset that only You have been privy too.

Your Love is as beautiful an artwork, as any that Rembrandt could have put to canvas.

Your Grace is the salt that seasons our lives with a taste that the world can not palate.

Your Faithfulness is a song, that only those who hear, could sing its’ melody.

Your Mercy is the gift that required no elaborate party to be received.

It was within my deepest pain and sorrow, that You lifted me up and encouraged me to truly find myself again. To obtain the remarkable faith that only a child could understand. In our years of living, we somehow distort that concept.

Our lives are filled with events that change our perception of what faith in You was truly meant to become. It is a tool that is used to craft a masterpiece.


My life has changed dramatically this past month. My mind has been filled with emotions that run the gamut of human conception.

I have felt lost, but You found me.
I have felt fear, but You calmed it.
I have know sorrow, but You wiped away the tears.
I have known joy, and I am certain that it all stems from You.

In those quiet shadows, You were able to make me see just how letting go of my own plans, put Yours into perspective.

My own selfish ways would have prevented me from some of the greatest joys that life had to offer. It was within the shadows of the great valley, that I could see the top of the mountain, and the view is phenomenal.

Thank Your son, Jesus, that encouraged me to write to You, the words that are within my heart and soul. It is this time that we share, that anchors my heart to Your inner harbor .

As the waves roar in, I have no fear. What can Satan do that could ever keep me from Your love?

Absolutely nothing!

For even unto death, I know where my soul will rest. That is the greatest comfort that Your children will ever know.

Big G, (I can call you that right?) I pray for anyone who is lost and searching for the peace that lies in their own recessed shadows. I ask that the Son will shine upon them and bring them the peace that only a Father can provide.


Your Son,

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  • jopesiitimi
    jopesiitimi | 17th June 2013

    Reblogged this on jopes'i'timi's Blog and commented:
    yea! He has given us PEACE, the peace that passeth all understanding, peace that is not affected by situations or whatever is supping with us.
    His love is one indescribable kind, His grace is forever sufficient and His mercy is continual.
    Yes! Hendrix, i fully understand this peace.

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