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Anatomist (B.Sc)

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Trapped Between Two Girls | Chapter One

Chapter OneI attended a singles program organized by Dominion City campus fellowship at school. I wanted to go with my girlfriend Rita, but she had slight fever, coupled with headache and stomach ache. That was

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Trapped Between Two Girls | Prelude

P̲r̲e̲l̲u̲d̲e̲"Baby, it worked!"My girlfriend was screaming and running to my direction."It worked!"She ran to me with all smiles all the way from the student affairs Block to D blocks where I was with other students

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An Open Letter To Women

Dear Women,First of all, we're sorry. We're sorry that although we look like men, we often act like boys. We're not even sure what it means to be men anymore. As we grow up, we

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Typical Day In Lagos | My Experience

The sound of a siren rings in my head. My sweat-dripping body turns, adjusting my eyes to the usual darkness of my room. I reach for my watch and torchlight under my pillow, my eyes

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I saw this somewhere on the internet and after reading, I completely agree and decided to share......Hope you see the sense it it.Enjoyphoto by: mid-day.comWRITTEN BY: Distinct Generation MinistryMy (our) answer is NO!There are many

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Memoirs From Lasuth | Week One

Welcome to My "memoir from Lasuth". Before you start your reading make sure you read the rulesAnd If you are going to read this article with a closed mind, please have a bottle of Maltina

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Memoirs From Lasuth

Erm, this is supposed to serve as an introduction to my personal lifestyle and necessarily won't be entirely based on event from lasuth only as the title states.Before we continue with the introduction, I’d like

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