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Memoirs From Lasuth

Erm, this is supposed to serve as an introduction to my personal lifestyle and necessarily won’t be entirely based on event from lasuth only as the title states.

Before we continue with the introduction, I’d like you to note certain things referred to as rules as long as Memoirs from Lasuth is concerned.

1. This is MY online diary and as a result I don’t really give a fuck care about your opinion.

2. I’ll be posting every Sunday or monday and may not have time to edit properly but because you would like to “Gbagun” I’ll provide you with a big ass bell for use.

3. This is not the news or the Anglican Church , so don’t come here to preach to me.

4. Names of some of the people involved in the memoir may be changed to save anything they may have as dignity.

5. If I say something about you that you don’t like.. .Start your own blog …It’s free
6. Don’t walk up to me in public and say “you wrote about me” . I promise you a head butt and my head is not small.

7. Majority of my post would be on keles , Midnight wakas, party, BBM and my life is not that interesting so about 70% of what I will write might be fictions too.

8. Yes I know what memoir is…… Didn’t you read the previous rules?

9. Sometimes, It may appear like I’m talking about you but until I mention your name, STFU and Terry G me!

10. We’ll make more rules as we go on.


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    Memoirs From Lasuth | Week One | Thathman’s Blog | 17th June 2013

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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous | 18th June 2013


  • Hendrix Nwaokolo
    Hendrix Nwaokolo | 18th June 2013

    please use your name…thanks

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