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Trapped Between Two Girls | Chapter One

Chapter One
I attended a singles program organized by Dominion City campus fellowship at school. I wanted to go with my girlfriend Rita, but she had slight fever, coupled with headache and stomach ache. That was the normal three signs that comes with her menstrual period. Any time she says she had fever, headache and stomach ache, it means she’s on her period. So I went for the program alone. It wasn’t long before I saw Cassey, my H.O.D’s daughter standing at a corner with a friend of hers. I walked up to her and said hi.
“Is your dad hiding somewhere waiting for the program to end so he can bundle you home?”, I asked jokingly.
“No”. She answered, rather too serious. Obviously she didn’t see the sarcasm in my question.
“I came alone”, she continued, “but my friend had to come bail me out, that’s the only reason he will let me leave the house this evening. She introduced me to her friend who she called Katherine, “Kathy for short”, the friend said as I shook her hand. Kathy was prettier and more endowed.
She was the kind of girl that any guy would love to have as a girlfriend, full bosoms, round hips, eyes that you could fall easily for. But I wasn’t gunning for a girlfriend, I wanted my H.O.D’s daughter for obvious reasons, I needed some favors to boost my C.G.P.A.
“So, why are you guys still hanging outside”. I asked, not knowing what else to say.
“The show is about to start, the guest performers are still arriving and the technical crew are still working on the lights”, Kathy had answered. Seems she had first hand info on what’s going on.
“Kathy is one of the organizers of the show”, Cassey informed me.
“You attend dominion city?”, I asked her.
“Yea”, she replied.
Wow, dominion city girls were tagged as the most difficult girls to score on campus. They had a reputation for keeping guys waiting; waiting for sex for like eternity. First, you have to be a member before they consider going out with you. If you ever asked them out, the first condition is that you ‘must’ start attending their fellowship; church, midweek service, bible meeting, cell fellowship and so on.
I had a friend who has been going for a dominion city girl since our sophomore year at school, this is final year and the only thing my guy has gotten so far was a kiss (more like a perk), a hug and few calls. Its just not worth it.
The next difficult set of girls on campus were the Jehovah witness fellowship girls. Those ones only date their ‘brothers’ and its not an option. Its just a no go area.
We did summarized that the easiest girls to get on campus was the Catholic students, followed closely by the Believers Love Word (Christ Embassy). This is apart from the normal loose girls that are not fully devoted and with them, anything goes.
“Let me go and attend to some things, you guys can come in whenever you want”, Kathy said as she walked away from us.
I was left alone with Cassey. We talked for some time, mostly about school activities, lectures and more. Soon, she requested that we go in.
The hall was filled to its capacity. The turnout was so large that an over-flow had to be improvised for some students. I and Cassey walked into the hall like a couple, we were ushered into the front row, seated beside each other. Kathy was busy with organization, so I sat alone with Cassey.
The program was quite interesting. The speakers focused on how to keep a healthy relationship, devoid of sin and other negativities. Their definition of relationship was boring and uninteresting to me. I kept wondering how two people in a relationship could stay away from sex. It sounded alien to me.
Cassey started being uncomfortable, especially when the issue of distance relationship was discoursed. The anchor of the program called for inputs on the topic and some students were making inputs on how unrealistic and frustrating distant relationships could be. I couldn’t agree more. I noticed that Cassey was fixated at that particular section of the program.
Soon, after glancing at her watch for a long time, Cassey informed me that she needed to go.
“Its getting late, and I promised my dad I was going to come back before now”. She informed me.
“I have to find Kathy and inform her”.
We left the program, walking side by side like couples (again). Kathy sighted us and followed suit. Cassey informed her that she was going and she apologized for not being able to take her home as promised.
“Don’t worry”, I said, “I will take her home”.
We bordered a tricycle ‘keke’ to her house, and inside the ride, we where having a talk on the topics discussed at the program. We didn’t agree on most of the points, she kept referring to how callous the students were in their bid to down talk distant relationship. Cassey was very brilliant, an admirable quality when it comes to girls. Its hard to see a girl that can argue effectively and drive down their points these days. What you see is blackberry waving chicks with little or nothing upstairs.
“Why don’t we continue this discussion later?”. I proposed as we got down from the keke. It was really late and Cassey was desperate to get back home.
I walked her to her street and collected her number.
“I will call you tomorrow, maybe we can have dinner or something”. I said casually.
” Make it a day after tomorrow”. She said, “I will be busy with a whole lot of things tomorrow”.
Two days later, I called her and fixed a date.
She came for the date wearing a whole new look. She did a new hair, and for the first time, I noticed she was wearing a make-up. She looked astonishing with her new Ghana breads falling loosely on her hips. She was wearing a silk evening gown, which did little to concede the top of her bosoms.
I took her to double delight restaurant and we settled on one of the seats at the back.
“You look great”, I had to confess. I took it as a casual date, so I didn’t border dressing for the occasion. I wore a plain trousers with a shirt and slippers. I felt under-dressed for the occasion, but went for it anyway.
“And your new hairs style is awesome”.
“Thanks”, she replied. “I used the entire yesterday for the hair. Can’t believe I sat down for an entire 7 hours”.
“It takes we guys 7 minutes to barb our hair, and a lot cheaper”. I joked and she smiled.
“You guy1s are lucky”. She added.
We took our seats, gisted lightly for a while, then asked what she was taking. I went downstairs and ordered for my favorite,  moi moi and sallad with beef. I ordered white rice and mushroom sauce for her with a 250 ml hollandia yogurt.
“I will like to know some things about you”, I informed her after the dinner.
“Like what”, she asked.
“Firstly, how do you manage to live with your dad”.
The question took her aback and I wished I did not ask.
“My dad is a strict disciplinarian”, she informed me and continued.
“My elder siblings had to school elsewhere because of him. None of them wanted to suffer the same fate I’m suffering now, so they chose other universities”.
“Living in our family house is not easy”, she continued, “it can be best compared to living in a very comfortable prison house”.
Wow, I didn’t know it was that bad.
“It can’t be that bad”, I had to voice out my opinion.
“It is!” She exclaimed, “it could get worse”. She continued.
“They monitor me like I’m a time bomb. They want to know where I am, who I am with, what I am doing at all times”.
“So, do they know you are here with me?”, I asked, rather foolishly.
“Of course not. Do you think they would approve of me to be hanging out with you this night?”, she asked me.
“Kathy was aware of this outing, so she was the one that came to the house to ask my parents to let me hang out with her for a while”.
So she was really looking forward to this outing. Somehow, I felt she wore her new look to impress me.
“You really look great”, I tried patronizing her again.
“Thanks”, she blushed.
“Now tell me about your personal life”, I asked genuinely. Inasmuch as I had ulterior motives with her, I found myself genuinely interested in what she had to say.
“Well, that’s a third date kind of question”, she winked at me.
Smart girl!
I had to make this particular date interesting. I wasn’t planning on taking her out everyday in order to win her heart, although she wouldn’t mind that, she must be bored to death staying in her family house.
“Do you attend dominion city?”, I knew the answer to that, but I had to ask to keep the conversation going. I already knew her dad was a member of the Anglican communion.
“No”, she replied. “I’m anglican. Kathy invited me for the program. She said it was going to be educating and fun”.
“it was, except for some things which I don’t quite agree with”. She said.
“Like what?”
“The talk show, distance relationships. I didn’t agree with most of what the participants where saying”.
“So what’s your opinion?”, I asked.
“Distance relationships are great. They can really work out if the two involved are willing to make it work. Two cannot work together unless they agree. It will take commitment, trust and fidelity, but it sure does work”.
I didn’t need a prophet to tell me she was into a distance relationship. I had to trade carefully.
“Well, the definition of relationship stems from the word ‘relate'”, I added, “so there’s no relationship if you both are not there to relate”.
She stared at me for a while and remained calm, so I continued.
“Relationship is like a seed planted, and it succeeds in germinating. At its tender age, it can’t survive on its own, you need to be there to nurse it, prone it, weed it and water it for it to stand firm. If not, its going to turn to a weed and grow wide, or worse still, die off”.

I really got her attention. It was obvious with the look on her eyes that she was trying hard to relate what I was saying to her personal life.
I informed Cassey that it was time to go. She asked where we were going, and somehow, without having the intention, I blurted out, “my room”.
I expected her to turn down the request and call it a 20th date stuff or something like that.
“Where do you stay”, she asked.
“Divine Hostel, near campus 3”. I answered.
“Alright”, she stood up and we walked out. . .
–Oh my gooossshhh—
 I thought to myself

*** To Be Continued***

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