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Anatomist (B.Sc)

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What Does The Future Hold Sef

You’d think by 2am on a Monday I’d be fast asleep, getting some much needed rest for the work day ahead… but nooooo, here I am watching Angie Dickinson on dvd in the 70s cop

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Mr. Wizkid Ruined My Life

Now before Mr. Wizkid sues me for slander, and wins of course, let me present to you the facts to prove it. You see, once upon a time I was blissfully unaware of wizkid’s existence

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An Anatomy Of My Love Life

I’ve always considered myself a pretty good date. A charming and witty conversationalist, respectful, flirty at the right moments, very good at avoiding staring at your boobs and seemingly the best good luck charm a

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Let’s Play A Love Game

I’ve written a lot of posts about love and the matters of the heart over the years, so much so that these days, every time I address the subject matter, I feel like I’m stuck

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Trapped Between Two Girls | Chapter Five

Chapter FiveThis is serious! My roomie couldn't joke with such a thing. I read the text again:.."Alert! Code Red! Booing 249 on enemy's territory! Abort all military action and return to base immediately! Yours faithfully".249

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Trapped Between Two Girls | Chapter Four

Chapter FourWe got to my room and I played some music. It was a soft and slow west-life song. I asked her to dance with me. We danced around the room, classical oldies style, closely

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Trapped Between Two Girls | Chapter Three

Chapter ThreeThe days that followed my little romance with Cassey were amazing.She started calling me every other hour, she made sure she sees me in the morning when she brings her dads bags to the

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Trapped Between Two Girls | Chapter Two

Chapter TwoI took Cassey to my room off camp. My girlfriend lives alone in Grace ville, a more expensive lodge filled with ''Ajebota'' children. I lived in Divine Hostel, with my friend and room mate

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The Day I Finally Found Love

Guys have been known to do pretty stupid things for girls. In fact, I in particular have done some way out there things for girls, so much so that people just shake there heads whenever

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Meeting Mr or Mrs Right | Have We Met Before?

I’m a rambling man( I like to see myself as a man. If you have any problem with it, deal with it) For the most part at least, but those ramblings often stem from a

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