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That Girl

I never really knew HerShe was just another friend
But when I got to know herI let my heart un-bend
She is the personification Of beauty in motion.
She is the notes on the sheetThat guides the drummer’s beat.
She is the scent of the roseCome, let her tease your nose
She is a soundless song, hear itAnd lose yourself in its beat.
She is the flood waters of Jordan;She parts only for the honor of man.
She is the oasis in the dessertFound only by the stout heart.
Find me a woman, trueAnd I’ll show you that girl too.

As I struggle more and more with making it through life, and as an overwhelming sense of sadness continues to engulf me, it becomes harder and harder to find things that make me feel good, or more so, inspiring.

At times I feel like the forgotten. The guy that everyone only thinks about when something bad happens to them or when my help is needed.

Of course, deep down, I know it’s not true. But still I am constantly searching for some form of happiness.

When I wake up each morning, I think of a reason to put in an effort in this world. It’s pretty hard s̶o̶m̶e̶ most time, but when I’m in doubt, or when there is simply no clear reason, I think of this girl that inspires me.

I had never met her before now, but for some reason I was drawn to her …through so many twisting roads I stumbled across just to get to her.

Of course the knee jerk reaction is that this is just another one of my absurd crushes. And yes, on some level it probably is.

When I come online in the day, the first thing I do is try and see if she is online. When she is, I spend the next hour trying to think of something cool and breezy to say to her just to engage in conversation.

Some days I simply just chicken out as I know I could never make her day as she makes mine.

She is beautiful in so many ways. Stunningly gorgeous, talented, witty as all hell, smart… you know…everything that makes her way outta my league.

Her way of life and more importantly the way she views the world, gives me hope in a hopeless world. I follow her career from afar and support every decision she makes–not that she needs it.

I don’t think she will ever realize how much of an impact she has on me, dare I say she probably doesn’t give me a second thought. My reverse ego wouldn’t even entertain that thought for a nano second.

This is sorta turning into a love letter to her isn’t’ it?

Whether she ever reads it of course is something only she can decide.

I love the fact the people like her exist in this world. .

Do I wish there could ever be something between us? Of course, that’s why it’s called Desire. Then again…that’s why it’s called a Dream.

As time passes I’m sure we will go our separate ways,

But as that saying goes,

sometimes in life you just gotta take a moment to stop and look at the scenery

That is the saying right?

But Alas! I wish I can whisper to your ears all these Or even at least tell you what I feel But the thought of losing you make me weak to my knees

It’s not like I’m scared of saying to her to her exactly how I feel.

I’m scared she might think I’m not for real!

*sigh…. Drops BB, Sips Coke. Walks Away*

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