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Trapped Between Two Girls | Chapter Five

Chapter Five

This is serious! My roomie couldn’t joke with such a thing. I read the text again:..

“Alert! Code Red! Booing 249 on enemy’s territory! Abort all military action and return to base immediately! Yours faithfully”.

249 was Rita’s matric number, and what I and my roomie uses to describe her in our coded SMS. On enemy’s territory; she’s definitely in the hostel, my hostel. What was I going to do? Cassey was still sleeping peacefully, half Unclad. I was almost Unclad apart from my boxers. Our clothes were littered everywhere. Why didn’t she tell me she was coming? We spoke this morning and she never mentioned it. Rita had access to my room whenever she wants to come. She wasn’t with my spare key, but she could make an appearance like she owns the room. But most times, she calls before coming, and on very few occasions, she just stops by. This was such few occasion, and I was lying almost Unclad in bed with another girl.

My mind was racing fast. I was searching for alternative solutions to this predicament. If Rita is already inside my hostel, there was no way I could take Cassey out. She will certainly be at the door before Cassey puts on a cloth. I picked my phone and sent a text to my roomie: There was no time to articulate a Belgium code. . .

“Find a way to distract her, she must not enter the room”.

I waited for some seconds, expecting a knock on the door, or a pull and an order for the door to be opened. None came. Rita was not a violent person. She wasn’t that kind of girl that will pounce on another girl for sleeping with her boyfriend. She was a calm, rich and confident girl. She was trained to believe that money solves all problems. She doesn’t let anything border her, not even relationships. I understand her completely, that was why I always give her enough space. I didn’t know what she was going to do if she discovered I had a girl inside. I didn’t want to find out, because girls can surprise you sometimes. No knock on the door, no movement on the corridor. I sent another text:

“Situation report”

A reply came in.

“Booing 249 headed to Glory airport. Disaster averted! Mission accomplished. Yours faithfully”.

Rita was going back to Glory ville, her hostel! Thanks goodness. How did my roomie manage to pull this one off? Victor was a sanguine and good with his mouth. He was always playful and the girls in my hostel like him a lot. You would easily think it will be easy for him to sleep with most of them, but its not. Behind that playfulness lies a big disadvantage; he was never taken seriously by the girls. They considered him a slight joker, who would kiss and tell if he had the chance to kiss.
At least I was glad he used his skills to avert the looming trouble. I will find out how he did it, later. Right now, I need to take Cassey home, so I can go to Rita’s place. Who knows what Victor told her, and if she bought it. I will soon find out.


I woke Cassey up later in the evening. She dressed up silently, staring at me at different intervals. I walked her out of the hostel. Her attitude was sort of strange. I asked if everything was OK and she replied affirmatively. Samuel was not within the hostel premises, I wanted to find out from him what he discussed with Rita. I took Cassey to the junction and she boarded a bike home. I called Rita, it was obvious she was with her friends. There was noise and chats at the background.

“Hello sweet, where have you been?”, – she asked over the phone.

“Here and there”, – I answered vaguely.

“Would you please come over?”, – she asked in her usual fashion, applying courtesy at every conversation. I wish I attended a better secondary school!!

I boarded the next bike to Glory ville. Rita was with her friends when I got to her room. The number of slippers outside the room was so much that I nearly turned to go back. She was selective when it came down to friendship. I could hardly pin-point any of her friends that I could regard as being a close friend. She doesn’t have a room-mate, because, according to her, it always ends in a misunderstanding.
I knocked and went in. There were four of her friends at the room, gisting and gossiping about topics I wasn’t interested in; celebrities, fashion, and movies. I sat at the chair and listen to the girls talk. I kept myself occupied with a recent edition of Ovation magazine at her desk. Nothing I was interested in, just to kill time. Soon, her friends dispersed, and I was left alone with her. Rita walked up to me and sat at my laps.

“Hello stranger”, she said.

Its been like two weeks since I and Rita made love. She was preoccupied with lots of stuffs before her monthlies started, and since then, I’ve really been a stranger.

“Sorry babe, I just wanted you to miss me small”. I replied.

“Well, your plans worked, I missed you like hell. I had to come down to that your ghetto to look for you”.

Rita hated my hostel. She called it a ghetto; it wasn’t far from the truth. My lodge was a safe haven for some warri miscreants who were popular with their daily smoking of indian hemp. It was unregulated, so they could pack like six of their kind in a room, live there for the entire year.

“Well, now you have me to yourself”, I joked, “just give me something to eat so I don’t collapse”.

She chuckled, I knew she didn’t have food in her kitchen. Rita’s pot could remain sparkling clean from the beginning of the se0mester to the end. Just a carton of noodles and enough provisions and she’s done for the semester. She eats out anytime she wants to take heavy food.

“I can prepare quaker oats for you”. I laughed out.

“Or you can eat me”.

That’s more like it. . .

***** To Be Continued*****

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