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Trapped Between Two Girls | Chapter Four

Chapter Four

We got to my room and I played some music. It was a soft and slow west-life song. I asked her to dance with me. We danced around the room, classical oldies style, closely glued together and moving in a regular pattern.

she looked absolutely gorgeous again. Her beautiful, young face was framed by her long dark hair bright in the sunshine. She wore a tight v-neck top which drew my eyes to her magnificent cleavage. she was standing in low white sandals, but I mainly noticed she was wearing a bright yellow skirt that stopped half way down her golden thighs.

“It is good having you around me Cassey,” I whispered into her ears

Cassey’s red lips smiled and suddenly she launched herself at me, threw her arms around me as she reached up to me and kissed me hard with her soft cherry lips.

Before I could react she dis engaged herself and stood back, still smiling, saying

“That’s to thank you for the other night you were a true gentleman.”

I stood there stunned. Was that it? Was the kiss the only reason she was here? Looking at her se’x’y body had certainly got me aroused again but I didn’t know where I stood with her now. Perhaps she was here to wash me, but I thought her mischievous smile suggested otherwise.

“Can I have a drink?” she asked.

“Um, sure, yes. Let me get you a drink, and please sit down.” I said trying to compose myself,

I went in and came out of the kitchen with a sachet ‘pure water’ and a glass cup and saw her looking more se’x’y than ever, she was now seated on my reading table smiling at me.

Her tight t-shirt accentuated the fullness of her bre’as’ts, and I could clearly see her nip’pl’es already hard under the thin fabric. Her short skirt gently swayed against her soft thighs as if she had just stopped moving and her legs were slightly apart, enticing me to think about what was beneath her skirt.

“Wow! You look even more sexy” I said trying to start a conversation

“Thanks” she replied this time looking like she had something on her mind

“Is something wrong with what I said?” I inquired

“It is just…” and she left her sentence hanging in the air.

The way she said it suggested to me that she wanted someone to talk to, and whilst I didn’t really want to talk about her boyfriend any more, the look in her eyes made me inquire more.

“So what’s it about. Boyfriend trouble. Do you want to talk about it?” I asked, hoping that she would say no and we could go and watch TV or something.

She looked thoughtful for a moment, holding the glass cup with close to her soft red lips, and then I noticed a small tear forming in the corner of her gorgeous eyes. She looked up at me.

“Can I talk to you ? It’s just that I can’t talk to anyone else, it is too embarrassing.?”

Her eyes were glistening as they filled with tears and there was a small sob as she seemed to plead with me.

“Cassey, of course you can talk to me. I’ll do what I can. Even if it means me travelling to Ukraine to give that Nedum all the beating he deserved ” I laughed, trying to lighten the mood.

She smiled shyly and started again, averting her eyes,

“Well, you see I’m not a virgin. I did have s’e’x once about two years ago but it was awful. *-oh! I see-* The boy at the time was horrible. It hurt, and I felt so cheap afterwards. I hated it. And I don’t want to do that again, I don’t want another boy doing that to me.”

She sobbed as she spoke, her head bowed and obviously upset by the memory of her first time.

I moved from the kitchen door where I was standing to the table and pulled out the chair opposite Cassey and sat down slowly while I tried to think what I should say.

“Cassey, I’m so sorry you had a bad experience. But s’e’x doesn’t have to be like that. It shouldn’t hurt, it should be pleasurable, wonderful and exciting. It just sounds like you had a bad first time. Don’t worry it won’t always be like that.” I said to her calmly

Cassey looked up at me, and brushed the tears from her soft cheeks. I wanted to reach out and hold her but didn’t want to scare her.

“But my friends say all boys are like that.” She said

“That is just because they are boys and they haven’t had the experience to know what it takes to make sure a girl enjoys s’e’x. They will learn and you will enjoy it later.” I assured her.

“Do you know how to make it enjoyable?” she suddenly asked.

I jumped at her question, all sorts of fantasies going through my head while I wondered what she meant.
She must have seen my shock because she added:

“Sorry , I just hate to think it will never feel good, that I will always be frightened of a man’s touch. I didn’t mean anything by my question.”

I paused while I thought. I looked at her sitting on the table from me, her ample br’ea’sts pushing against her silk blouse and my eyes were drawn to the soft skin of her cle’av’age. I made up my mind: I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste. She might be tired, sad and vulnerable but all that meant was that, now was the time to seduce this lovely girl.

Junior stirred at the thought of taking Cindy but I knew I had to get this right because I didn’t want my girlfriend angry at me. I’ll get her to keep it secret and anyway

I stood up and moved a couple of steps around the table, standing next to Cassey, and looked down at her. I had a good view down her se’xy cle’ava’ge as I said

“Boys just take it too fast and all they are interested in is getting into a girl’s panties. But men know how to relax a girl without it leading to anything. I’ll show you?”

I finished my sentence as a question, to see if she hesitated but she didn’t say anything, just cupped her drink in her hands and continued looking into it. I moved behind her and I gently stroked her shoulders, rubbing her tense muscles.

I didn’t get much response at first and I could feel her holding her shoulders tight and not relaxing at all. Slowly, however, I could feel her shoulders starting to move and relax and then I heard the click as she placed her cup on the table beside her.

While I massaged her shoulders I bent and pulled her silky hair back from her soft neck before placing my lips against her lovely sweet tasting skin. I heard her soft moan when I kissed her and I could feel a sudden drop in her shoulders as she relaxed.

I spent a few minutes kissing her neck and nibbling at her ears, all the time I could hear her breath getting slower as she relaxed under my ministrations.

Now that she was relaxed I intended on getting her turned on.

Slowly I started to rub lower down her front, tracing the contour of her bra under her top and I felt her body start to tremble. I held my breath and without pausing I deftly undid the button of her blouse, and then the next one. Cindy didn’t stop me.

Continuing down I undid all remaining buttons on her silk blouse and I returned to stroking her soft and sensitive skin.

I drifted my hand across her ti’ts and I felt her stiff nip’pl’es through the thin material of her white lace bra.

Her breathing started to get quicker when I touched her tits and I guessed she liked them being touched and was anticipating what was going to happen just as I was.

Taking my chance I swivelled the table on which she was sitting so that she was no longer facing the wardrobe and I stood in front of her. She had her eyes averted, looking down as if she was still not sure about what was going on.

I looked down at her beautiful body and saw her the soft skin of her cleavage and the young ti’ts encased by the lace bra.

Bending over I took one of her ti’ts in my mouth and sucked through the lace material while gently flicking my tongue over her ni’pp’le. I heard a low moan when my mouth first touched her and I knew I was getting somewhere.

Encouraged, I spent some time kissing, fondling, sucking and licking her ti’ts of which she responded by moaning and trembling as she sat in my room

Emboldened I reached round and undid her bra, pulling the cups down to reveal her young ti’ts. And what wonderful ti’ts they were; soft, smooth and pert as they stood there without the support of the bra.

Eagerly I returned to my sucking and licking and she moaned louder at the touch of my mouth and tongue on her bare young ti’ts.

Still touching and kissing her ti’ts, I eased myself down so I was kneeling, and carefully moved between her legs, gently forcing her legs apart as I moved closer so she didn’t notice in her excitement. I couldn’t resist touching her long se’xy legs and I softly slid my hands up the outside of her legs, and then the inside.

Her body quivered when I touched her legs and she unconsciously shifted forward in the chair, her body seemingly eager to get closer to me

Her orgasm seemed to last for minutes as she squirmed against me, forcing my fingers deeper, until she gradually slumped back onto her chair I was initially seated and relaxed.

I brought my fingers out of her and I straightened my back, looking up at her. I saw a contented look on her pretty face and her eyes were half closed with a half smile on her red lips.

Cassey opened her gorgeous eyes and looked at me,

“I…I…never knew it could be like that,” she sighed.

I grinned back at her “And that is just the start.”

She opened her eyes wider wondering what was going to happen, but she didn’t move away or tell me to stop.

Cassey was still slumped back the chair with her blouse fallen open revealing her uncovered pert ti’ts. She was still breathing heavily from her recent climax and I watched as her young ti’ts rose and fell as she breathed in and out.

Her short skirt had fallen back down when I moved back from her and so her smooth entrance was hidden from my view but I could still smell the sweet aroma of her s’e’x.

The contented look on her pretty face was changing and it seemed that she was eager to continue her education, and it was no surprise to me that junior was hardening again in my boxers.

I stood up and reached out and, holding her small hands in my hands,. Her brow frowned under her dark hair and I could tell she was puzzled at what was going to happen next.

“What are we going to do?” Cassey asked, still puzzled.

“I can see you want more,” I said, nodding to where her hand was busy under her skirt.

Cassey shyly bent her head and mumbled, “I’m so hot, I just want more.”

“Time for your next lesson Cassey.”

I rose and helped Cindy to her feet. I didn’t have much time and I wanted to bury my thick member insider heras soon as possible. I ran my hands through her soft hair and smiled at her as I looked into her beautiful eyes which were now sparkling with lust.

I moved my hands down to her waist and said to her

“Turn around and bend over the table for me.”

Obediently Cassey turned around to face my table and she leaned forward, placing her delicate hands on the surface to support her. She wasn’t really bent over enough for me so I got her to move lower, so that she was resting on her elbows, and her se”xy a’s’s was raised in my direction. I noticed while I was arranging her position that her blouse was open and her pert ti-ts were free and resting on the hard plastic table.

Cassey was still wearing her short skirt which covered her se’xy a’s’s but all that did was get me even more turned on, knowing I was about to send junior on an errand. Through her entrance of bliss.

I lifted up her skirt to reveal her smooth, firm a’s’s and I noticed her pan’ties had shifted to cover her pussy again.
I grabbed hold of her pan’ties and slowly slid them over her hips and down her long smooth legs. She stepped out of them and now I could see her wet entrance clearly, which still looked tight even after her earlier orgasm.

I moved closer and I held my hard member and teased her cl’it which spread her juices over her entrance and the end of my thick john.

I placed my hands on her hips, holding up her skirt as I eased my cock between her tight pussy lips. Slowly I pushed forward, watching as my john spread her wet lips, stretching them wide as my thick shaft eased into her.

“Oh yes,”

Cassey was moaning as I continued to slowly thrust my member into her, keeping her pinned to the table while I started to ease in and out of her. She was so eager to have more of me inside her body that she started moving her as’s back towards me, urging me to fill her up even more.

I grinned as I realized that she would be back for more another day if this was anything to go by, but for now I needed to satisfy my immediate needs.

“Move back and forth, Cassey, fill me inside you” I instructed her. As I used my hands on her hips to show what she needed to do, getting her to slide her as’s back and forth while I stood still.

Soon she was dictating her own pace, sliding her tight pussy up and down my engorged member while I watched.

I was about to take control again when I started hearing Cassey making some strange noises.
At first she made some barely audible mewing sounds but soon she was moaning louder and she started to move faster, pushing her as’s against me to force myself deep inside her, and then moving away to feel it slide almost all the way out of her.

I glanced at the clock and saw that we had gone 3hours. I smiled to myself as I reached around under her and stroked her in time with her movements against me.

Suddenly she was shouting out in ecstasy as she started anothe rounds of org’as’sm, this time with my john inside her pulsating body.

“Oh yes, oh my, oh yess I’m going to….I’m going to….oh !”

she shouted as she suddenly showered all over junior. Her body shaking and her lakuna clamped around junior. Almost immediately, I couldn’t help but to join in the ecstasy.

Like a sleeping volcano, I erupted and released my hot serum, uncontrollably spewing a fountain of lust into her, which in turn intensified her already rolling or’ga’sm to new heights.
All this while we never used the bed. But after what just happened We both fell and collapsed on the bed in each others arms.

She let go of me after a few minutes and slept off immediately. I covered her waist with the towel and lied down beside her. She was really wide on bed. Like she was letting loose all the stored energy.

I felt slight pinches of pain on my back, she must have broken my skin when she clung on me. I pulled out the condom, went into the bathroom and wrapped it with a tissue paper and left it there. I came back to bed and Cassey was sleeping like a baby. She looked great as she slept. I didn’t know what exactly I was going to do with her. She doesn’t know I had a girlfriend, and I didn’t want to see her hurt.

Text alert on my phone. I picked it up, it was my roomie. I opened the text:

“Alert! Code Red! Boeing 249 on enemy’s territory! Abort all military action and return to base immediately! Yours faithfully”.

Jeeeezzzz!!!!! My girl friend was around!

****To BE Continued*****

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