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Trapped Between Two Girls | Chapter Three

Chapter Three

The days that followed my little romance with Cassey were amazing.

She started calling me every other hour, she made sure she sees me in the morning when she brings her dads bags to the office, and comes to check on me after lectures. At times when she’s not going with the dad, she would wait on me till we were done with lectures, then we would go home together. My friends noticed this new development, but I talked it down, telling them I was just being friendly.

I don’t really have a very close relationship with my girlfriend Rita. We do the normal hanging out, calls and sex. We give each other the desired space, this space was gradually being filled by Cassey, and I was enjoying it. Cassey was very lively to be around with. We flowed in different intellectual levels.

“How come you are yet to invite me to your house again after the last time”, – she had asked me once after lecture, while we were cooling off at the Coca_Cola Spot near her hostel.

She had made a truthful observation. I started developing a certain fondness for Cassey. She was so sweet and innocent and I was having second thoughts about using her as a means to boost my CGPA. I didn’t know how she will feel when she finds out I had ulterior motives.

“Nothing”, -I lied,

“just that I don’t know if we are at the same pace here. You said you were into a complicated relationship, so I didn’t want to add to the complications”.

“awww, that’s sweet of you”, – she said as she placed her hand on top of mine at the table and caressed it lightly.

“You’re really a gentleman”. – She continued.

“I’m into a long relationship”, -she said.
– I knew it! –

“A very long one. He is studying at Ukraine”.

Now I didn’t anticipate that one. Ukraine? Wow! I had to hold myself to let her finish.

“He is a son to the university Registrar”.
“We are close family friends with the Achumbas. My dad is a close associate of the prof. It all started as a joke, until the family ties made it official that Nedu was going to be my husband. We were friends, but nothing more, until his parents started to joke about me and nedu being fantastic together. That was when he started making advances at me”.

She paused for sometime before continuing.

“He was studying Electrical Engineering here before traveling out. I got my admission while he was in his second year. He traveled out after the second year, so we had just a year relationship before he traveled”.

She finished her soft drink, leaned back on her chair before continuing.

“He kept in touch within his first year at Ukraine. He sent gifts, kept calling, mailing and stuffs. That was when his parents took it to a new level, calling my parents ‘in-laws’ and calling me their daughter in-law. Sometimes, I go to prof’s house to spend some time, washing and cleaning the house. My parents were nudging me in that direction, and I was innocently accepting it”.
-sounds more like a done deal to me-

I didn’t understand the complicated part she attached to the relationship when she first told me about it, so I sat patiently for her to continue. She didn’t.

I finished my drink and waited for some few minutes before asking. – “So what happened? Why is it complicated?”

“Few months ago, Nedu stopped calling frequently the way he used to. First, he started changing numbers every time with different state codes. He would call once in a long time, speak hastily on the phone for a few minutes and ask me not to try and contact him with the same number. Sometimes he calls me to ask how his parents were doing! Meaning he hasn’t been calling them. I demanded for explanation, but he kept waving it aside. When I insisted, we had a hot argument over the phone and he stopped calling”. – She paused again, glancing at empty space. Then continued.

“I knew something was wrong, I felt it. But nobody cared to explain. I spoke with his parents, they claimed it was the stress of studies, but I saw the look in his mom’s eyes when I tried to get answers from her. She was almost in tears but tried to compose herself. She insisted that Nedu was OK, that with time, everything was going to be back to normal: it never did”.

she finished her story same way she started; cool, articulate and calm.

“So. Why were you in defense of distant relationship when we argued”, – I asked.

“Well, you wrote it off totally like its a no go area. I still maintain that it can work. If not for the obvious change in Nedu’s attitude, we could still have worked things through”. – She said, smiling at me.

“Now that you have cleared the air, can I take you home?”, – I asked.

“Of course”, – she replied with a large grin.

I could have sworn I saw her wink on the process. she held my hand as we walked out of the coke spot and waited for the school shuttle going down to my area off camp. I sent a text to my roomie;

“Stray girl alert: evacuate in 10 mins – yours truly.”

I waited for a reply. He was supposed to reply to confirm he got the message. We started exchanging those type of messages after watching a documentary of world war 2 on history channel. How the Belgium army was exchanging encrypted codes on open frequency radios. Their enemies could intersect the messages, but couldn’t de-code or decipher it.

Text alert on my phone:

“Coast clear: rules of engagement still active: yours faithfully”

Lol. . . My roomie was trying to remind me that our general rule of girls spending the night still holds. I smiled.

“Why the smile?”, – Cassey asked.

“For once, I’m sincerely happy having you by my side”.

Its easier to lie than to explain what was going on in my mind. What I planned doing to her once we get to my room. . .

********To Be Continued *****

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