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Trapped Between Two Girls | Chapter Two

Chapter Two

I took Cassey to my room off camp.
My girlfriend lives alone in Grace ville, a more expensive lodge filled with ”Ajebota” children. I lived in Divine Hostel, with my friend and room mate Victor. The lodge was much cheaper and affordable (80K. compared to the 150K she pays to stay alone).

It had all the things an average student would need; a small self contained room , a bathroom , a kitchen . My room mate was watching a movie with a neighbor when we arrived. I didn’t inform him I was bringing back a girl as was our normal rite. We did this to keep things in order, the simple rule was this; no girl spends more than one night! And we kept to this rule.

Some girls had a bad habit of trying to squat with you when you start something going. They start by forgetting a slippers in your house, then its a cloth, then their soap dish, and before you can say ‘jack’, your bathroom is filled with pants and bras of assorted colors. It wasn’t a problem for me keeping the rule. I had a girlfriend who was living alone. She barely spends the night as I was the one spending nights at her place. I use my own room anytime I pick up a stray chick. I didn’t pre-inform my roommate because it wasn’t my original intention to bring Cassey back to my room.

It was a first outing, inasmuch as I wanted to taste her inside and feel how warm it was, that was a planned end game. I wanted her to have the impression that I was really into her. So when I ask any favor as regards her dad’s courses, she wouldn’t hesitate. But after the dinner that evening, I just suggested we head to my room and was rather surprised that she obliged.

It was getting late already as we entered my room. The room was dark, with only the light from the TV illuminating it. I sat at the bed with her after introducing her to my roomie and neighbor. We watched the movie showing on TV, my roomie and the neighbor was sitting at the front, while I was perched on the wall at the back with Cassey. A romantic scene came up on TV and I gently placed my hand on her laps, left it there hanging for a while then starting caressing them gradually. She shifted uncomfortably but never tried removing my hand, so I didn’t stop.
My neighbor must have noticed what was going on as he left, but my rommie, the ‘he-diot’ kept fixated at the TV.

I have heard him talk about the movie – One three Hill – and how interesting it was. He was watching the second season of the movie and couldn’t bat an eyelid. Cassey pulled away from me lightly, bent her hips and lied down, her head on my laps.

Like an involuntary reaction, I started cuddling her bosom. I slip a hand inside her cloth and reached for the Tip, I teased it a bit, but my hand didn’t get the freedom it needed to explore those soft round and firm b’oo,bs. I pulled out my hand, picked my phone and sent a text to my roomie;

“I will burst your head if you don’t leave this room now; yours truly”.

His phone alerted him of an SMS but he ignored it. Cassey turned away from the TV and faced my stomach, still lying on my laps. I could feel her breath on my stomach. -This boy should leave this room nau!!- I reached out and picked his phone which was on the desk and threw it at him, making sure it hit his back painfully.
He yelled, paused the movie, grasped the phone and read the message. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He moved into the bathroom, came out few seconds later and left the room. A text message entered my phone and I checked it. It was from my roomie;

“I will castrate you if you don’t round up in the next 30 minutes: yours faithfully.”

I smiled and dropped the phone as I started romancing Casey’s back. I reached for her back zip and drew it down, moved the cloth’s hand down her shoulders and kissed the top of her cleaves…… My member had swollen up fully and Casey’s head on my laps made me uncomfortable. I moved his head slightly and left it to rest on the bed. I kneeled and kissed her lightly on the lips. I kissed again, and this time around, she curled her hands around my head and held me tight as we both kissed each other passionately.

We continued the kissing as I traced my hands to the hook of her b’r’a, and in one swift attempt, I unhooked her and standing in front of me where two sets of perfectly round and firm bosom. The phipps were pointed medially to the chest and I immediately reached out for them, cupped them in my hands and started sucking them. I sucked and teased from one n’I’ip’ll’e to the other while she wiggle her waist slowly meanwhile junior was clamoring for some action, I could feel its bulge inside my trousers.

Enough of this pre-intimacy, time for some action. I reached down for her cloth from the knee, pulled it upwards, caressed her laps slowly and reached for her pent house. . . She caught my hands as they roamed freely, pulled them off gently and covered her laps with her cloth.

“Not today”, she said calmly.

I ignored her comment and continued handling her b’oo’bs, teasing the nip-p’les with my tongue. I reached for the laps once more and she still pulled my hands out. I had to stop the pre-intimacy. junior had a funny way of misbehaving anytime it is excited for action and made to wait for a long time. It gets angry and shrinks down. It will only take a divine intervention amidst much pleas for it to get interested again.

“Are you not comfortable with this?”,

I asked as I pulled away from her.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t, not now, not today. I have already broken so many personal rules coming down here with you today”.

She said. I didn’t want to persuade her. Experience has taught me that patience is a great virtue while dealing with girls, especially the much acclaimed strict ones. As long as I have felt and touched the promise land, I was sure going to inhabit it. She dressed up, lay on my laps for a few more minutes while I stroke her clothed assets and tommy. She announced she was going home, and I saw her off. She held my hands as we walked out of divine hostel.

Beneath the lodge gate was a dark alley. We halted their for a while, she drew me towards her, looked into my eyes and said,

“You seem like a gentle man, I am really attracted to you in a way I can’t understand”.
-Please don’t tell me you’re in love-

She continued,

“I’m in a relationship now, its somehow complicated. I just need some time to sort myself out”.

She kissed my deeply and I knew for sure she had deep affection for me. This was going to complicate things. I had initially intended using her as a pawn in a chess board. This pawn has to capture the opponents king, not to fall in love with it…..

****To BE Continued****

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