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When A Man Loves A Woman

When a man loves a woman, Why does he do all he can, Why does he ‘die’, as it seems, Just to show that he loves her?

Why not love her in his heart And keep expressions apart? Why does love possess him so That he can’t help it but show?

Why must his love be expressed? Why can’t it just be suppressed? Now the reason, the intent Of the love is pertinent.

If he loves for a reason Then that love won’t be ceasing Until that reason is lost, And even at a cost. Then that love will not be gone While the both of them exist; [Of course, that’s another gist].

If this love then has no cause, No conditions and no clause, I don’t know what to expect For I haven’t seen that yet. Now our focus will be wide If we view this other side:

When a woman hates a man, Why does she kill if she can? Sane and logical it seems That she pour her wrath on him. But will it tear her apart If it’s suppressed in her heart? Shouldn’t hate possess her so? Most of us will answer “No.”

Why should hate then be suppressed And love always be expressed? Hate destroys object and subject, But love it not too different. Aren’t they both human feelings That we shouldn’t be concealing? Now the thing that matters most Is that intention is not lost When expression starts to burn, Lest we be consumed in turn.

In summary, I insist: Feelings separate us from beasts. So let us love with good cause, And let hate for people pause. Hate bad habits, bad objects; Hate their sins, but love them yet.

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