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Unshakeable Love

Laying in the dark
Thinking of all my slack
Wishing God would give me a knack
But yet,he still provides me with snacks

Wondering why I’m loved this much
When all I ever did was hurt,
I hardly even fellowship in his church
Yet I’m in his every thought

So many times I act unfaithful
Yet His Love is ever Steadfast
His gifts -which i worth not – are forever wonderful
It’s not like I even Fast

I’ve been saved
Oh! It’s by Grace
I’m always forgiven
Oh! It’s called Mercy

He gives me what I don’t deserve
He gives me not what I deserve

Everlasting Love
Forever Peace

I’m not worthy but he loves all the same.

By Peace itimi
Blogger: www.peaceitimi.blogspot.com
Twitter: @His_beloved8

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