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A Visit to An Orphanage – The imprint it has left in My heart.|| An Urge For YOU to DO Something.

.I met Some Amazing people today..

They are all kids between the ages of 1 and 10 and they live in an orphanage home.

I and few of my friends embarked on a visit to an orphanage home today.
As the gate of the home opened, we were greeted with smiling faces of children, they all eagerly looked to see who had come into your abode.
As we proceeded to the reception to drop the items we went with and to get any information or rules we need to know and adhere to while we are there, a couple of the children ran to some of us and just hugged us (oh what Joy I know we all felt).

After the permission to play and interact with the kids were granted, we gathered around the kids, asked for their names and introduced ourselves. We then proceeded to play a few games with the kids.

The Joy that radiated from the kids touched me deep now, I saw how much of a home they had,filled with lots of brothers and sisters. They were eager to play games, to answer questions, they all wanted to be carried and played with -given special attention.
They did fight and quarrel, much like we all do with our siblings at home.
Miracle is one Boy I got really fond of, he was actually the first to hug any of us. He's in Primary one and about 6yrs old. He's smart and willing to be interacted with. I bet that boy would have lots of Friends. He didn't want to let any of us go, continually gripped my hand or someone else's why we were there.

Doris, an exceptional girl. Cute and very smart. She loves phones, immediately I got out my phone she took hold of it and began snapping everyone, she also played snake game with my phone. We talked a lot, also argued – hehe. she is one amazing child. Takes instructions immediately, then comes right back and does what you corrected her for :D.

Susan, a girl affected with down syndrome. She doesn't talk, only smiles. She's very fine even with her deformity. I couldn't help but weep in my heart.

Mercy, another child with an infirmity. She's fat,dark and fine. Always smiling, loves to play. She's hears very well but doesn't Talk, instead her words comes out as sounds (that one could be understood though). She loved my hand band, kept looking at it, then when I gave her, her smile broaden.

They was Jeremiah, Angel, Success, Deborah, lynda, osahon and a few others.

They all were kids full of smiles,without a care in the world. Eager to play and even to pray (As when we wanted to share biscuits for them, we gathered around each other and almost every one wanted to Bless the food and to Ask God to Protect and Guide us).


As we left the Home, a thousand thoughts played and fought for pre eminence in my head, a thousand words wanted to burst out of my mouth in expression of my feelings, but yet, Nothing came out. Yes! I was overwhelmed.

.This was my first visit ever to an orphanage home and it has left a lasting imprint in my heart..


As I lay down I write this, I'm Grateful for what I have. I'm thankful for my family, for my parents, For Me – just being me,as I am.

So many times, I complain about my parents, about my background, but looking at those kids today, I'm Grateful.

..I Know my biological Parents, I live with them, they Pay my Fee's, clothe me and feed me.
No matter how my relationship with them maybe, the issue is I have a Relationship with them. I know them and they know me and we are concerned about each other's welfare.

..Many times, I complain Life is unfair, because things don't Go the way I want. Yet! I know I have a future. I go to school and I know I'd be something great. I have HOPE for a better tomorrow.

..I get pissed when I don't find a particular food to eat, or when I don't have a particular clothe to wear. Yet, I'm not starved or naked.

…Today,I discovered that most of these kids in orphanage homes, ain't certain of a future. They live each day as it comes and are glad when someone steps in for a visit, for they know Food, clothes or gifts has come.
~Today, I am reminded of the children who didn't have the opportunity of knowing their parents, I'm reminded of the children who were dumped or who lost their parents at birth or very early in life.
~I am reminded of people,who live from hand to mouth. Who live each day hustling for food for that day.
~I am reminded of those kids that hawk. Those who steal,prostitute,smoke because they know no other way to live. Those kids who sleep under the bridges,and in uncompleted buildings. Those kids who are trafficked and can't come out of it because them being trafficked gives them food and shelter.
~I am reminded of those kids who live with their parents but yet haven't seen the four walls of a school before – Due to lack of finance.
~I am reminded of the widows who do not know what to do, because their husbands who is the bread winner has died.
~I am reminded of the young girls and boys who are into prostitution, armed robbery, kidnapping etc because they never had someone to give them advice, offer them kind words or give them hope.
~I am reminded of those kids who die in the process of hustle and yet never had someone preach the Gospel to them.
The list goes on and on.

.As I'm grateful for what I have, So have I decided to give these people Hope, to continually try and put smiles on their Faces, to Inspire and Motivate.

Be grateful of what you have, they are people that wish they had what you have.
You life is a bed of roses to someone out there.

I urge you, yes you reading this to Please, HELP SOMEONE TODAY.
~Reduce the size of your wardrobe and give those clothes to people who need them more.
~share your food
~Donate something, anything to an orphanage.
~Pay a visit and just put smiles on the less privileged faces.
~Help send someone to school.
~Get someone out of the street.
~Say A Prayer for Those who lack the little you have.
-Help support an NGO or a project that focuses on the people in slums, the orphans, the maltreated, The hawkers, The widows, the Less privileged.
-Volunteer, lend a hand.
-Give and idea
-Inspire, Motivate.
-say a kind word
-give a tip
-smile at someone
-Just DO something, Anything.

.your little effort could mean the world to someone.

The world would be a better place if we all agree to help our neighbours that we are better than.

.Our purpose as Christians on earth is to actually to serve God and help other people, to do good deeds.

?Please, Quickly Check eph2:10; james1:27; heb10:24?

.Love your neighbour. You can't love without helping, Without giving..


Peace Itimi

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