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RANT | Girls, Women, Females…Whatever your problems are! Part 2

I’ve been on a terrible run of writer’s block. nothing seems to inspire me these days. I pick up my phone and drop it almost immediately. don’t ask me why. This past week has been encouraging tho. I have tasked myself with posting at least one poem daily on my facebook page from now till the end of the year…. possible??? well lets see how it goes. But it’s be so good so far… (or however they say it. Forgive the use of English)

Okay….. But I digress… We are here to rant about them GIRLS!!!  iNNit??

So. If you missed part one click here to read.


I was listening to a radio program on my ever boring Saturday morning, and the topic for discussion that day was about “The Guys”.

Well, typically the presenter being a female who obviously had just suffered a heart break (cos I seriously wonder why she’d have no other thing to talk about than to come on air and start attacking the guys…) was asking we listeners to call and tell her why relationships don’t work out among couples “These Days”.

About 90% of the callers (females of cos) were all out on the guys. But thing is all these girls out there are always putting the blame on us boys regardless the case…relationships, sex, convos, food, kisses, hugs, dates, blogs, clothes, weather, news, life…everything!!!!

Basically ima be asking questions cos if I really try to exonerate us (boys) i might end up being called a CHAUVINIST… So these questions I hope would convince you and not confuse you that it isn’t always our fault.

Lets start from the beginning proper…na jeje jeje we siddon for Garden o,na im Eve come bring apple say make we chop…na so everything spoil o….and when all these girls get pregnant and are in labour,what do they do? blame us!!

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Why do i have to come up with one mad pickup line/say something witty to get your attention? Can’t i just come up and be direct!

Why after i even come up with that witty line that i worked on for days,complete with gestures that prolly gets your attention,you still act like i just said crap? Appreciate a nigga!

Why do I have to be the talk active person when we are talking? am a quiet person i like to listen to people talk!
Why do you put up unnecessary activity for me when you very well like me? And I am not talking about that initial gra gra!

Why should I have a sexy car and plenty money for all your expenses and movement? Am i your father/driver/bank? Then you would abuse the girl that stands your brother up because he don’t have a car! Lol

Trust is important but Why do you have to tell me when you kiss another guy? thank you but I trust you less that way!

Why would you now reject me after the ice creams for you and your friends, KFC for you and your friends, trips to the cinemas for you and your friends, credit for you and your friends, being your driver and numerous things i have done for you and your friends? If you don’t like me….say it straight…don’t lead me on abeg!

Why put me your boyfriend on a jonzing and you be fucking the demons outta another dude that barely does anything for you? Why EVILS!

Why do you want a nigga to go down on you but you can reciprocate such on a nigga? Its just like liking a lollipop! I swear!

Why do you have to let your friends decide important things for you about me? Na only you i dey wife na!

Why do you all think its only watches,shirts,perfumes,ties,cuff links you can buy for a brother? What happened to alcohol(blue label) bought and delivered by you or sexy socks from Pierre Cardin?!! Btw i prefer to buy shirts my self!

Why come up with dead slang…abeg wetin be obroks? No Chorus!

Why Why why why why????????

hey bruvs, abeg what bothers you about them ladies?

P.S:to all the girls out there that like to be chased…

LSTMS(laughing silently to my self)…i tire easily so you would only end up running without me behind you….infact nobody!

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  • Peace Itimi
    Peace Itimi | 25th November 2013

    ROTFL. You sound like someone who's tayad of girls and has decided to turn gay.
    Ehn sha, its because of all our 'quite' unneccessary activity na im mk una dey run follow us.

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