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An African Christmas!

An African twelfth month!
Salons overflow with women;
Wigs, weav-ons & make-up are sold out.

Broke boyfriends cook up quarrels
To avoid footing Cupid’s Christmas bills.
Townspeople head home to villages
But some arrive in big boxes.

An African twelfth month!!

No Santa nor reindeers, just Father Christmas.
He’s so friendly, little children cry
Yet they’ll quickly queue up for more gifts.

Kpa! Kpa!! Pow!!! Sparks & song of bangers
Make them squeak & shriek with joy.
Even a Muslim flashes us a merry smile.

An African Christmas!!!

Dust… Drunkeness… Vigils…
Moon… Masquerades… Visits…
Cocks will be spiced & chickened.
Bulls will be sauced & beefened.

You are warmly welcome to our December.

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