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The Post Valentine Story

*Opening Montage* The following programme is Rated 18+, viewer discretion is advised as this program contains scenes of hilarious fits, unreasonable reasoning and utter disregard for anything sane! Remember, you can activate the Parental control

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February The 14th

“VALENTINE”!!! Yes! This one word has wrecked so many potential futures monetarily, relationship-ly, intimately and otherwise. So Vals day is here again and if you're a guy, you would agree with me that this is the one

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Night Of A Thousand Terrifying Thoughts

Crazy how I'm starting the year with a post like this. Well, to say the truth I write this with a mixed feeling... A mixed feeling in the sense that I've been on a terrible run

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Have You Seen This Pretty Babe ~~~> Happiness?

I want you to imagine HAPPINESS. I'm not asking for the things that make you happy, materialistic or otherwise, I want you to imagine happiness in person. Give happiness a physical manifestation. What would happiness

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My Life has Become Boring

So its been weeks I have written anything, there has just been this no inspiration period and I feel like me ranting would just leave that period. I have actually never come on here to

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