2014 / 26 November

Poem | The Un-invited

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Before you say it, *sheeeh* I know. I should get flogged and thrown into a pit-full of  crocodile. Yeah yeah… Life happened. Anyways, in between the break I’ve found love, graduated(yaay!) and I’m BAack!

Talking about being back tho, the weather here has been crazy plus the little termites that I came home to… It’s been so annoying. So therefore, this is a lil sum’in for them.


I very much haven’t quite enjoyed the home I have made myself inside this house,
But I do appreciate the time spent with my loving spouse.

However, I’ve certainly no appreciation for an uninvited guest;
a new arrival to our home, who, for his size, is an intolerable pest.

I was sitting on a rug watching television one lonely evening and behold there was a flea!
And in-between the ad-breaks he would turn his head and stare lovingly up at me.

I did not know his true intentions, and before I had the opportunity to ask,
he had already leapt in the direction of his endeavour, and set upon his task.

Suddenly he was upon me, and was crawling across my skin.
‘Hey, give me back my blood!’ I cried, ‘else I shall poke you with a pin!

Gosh, I truly wish I did not have what it is that you do need.
Hey, look at what you have done you little pest! You have made me bleed!’

I am unable to speak for the parasite, but this relationship is no good;
I cannot fathom why the flea could not go bother someone else in the hood.

My residence, it sure ain’t filthy and I do not live in squalor,
so why must my new roommate be an irritable little horror?

I shake my head and wonder aloud, ‘for this infestation, who have I to thank?’
I sincerely hope that the culprit who is responsible does not truly bank-

-on me rushing over to their houses to meet their families
to announce with a smile, how I’d love to accommodate more fleas.

If I am provided the opportunity, I swear I will not hesitate,
to annihilate the fiendish little bugger, who lives only to masticate.

For that’s all he ever does, upon finding a piece of skin; just chew, chew and chew;
I would be careful dear reader if I were you, for sometime soon, he may come calling upon you.

Disclaimer: Explicit content contained therein. Parental Guidance Strongly Advised. If you are offended by sexual
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