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Guess Who’s Back?

Hey guys,

I’m back…Of course I mean bitches in the “you’re my awesome fans and writing buddies and I’ve missed you dearly” way!

My last blog (before the last) was probably about 5 months ago.. which isn’t very good for someone who claims to write. And before that I have been very inconsistent in this blog thingy anyways.

But the past years has just been one of those years that has really tested me..

During my hiatus, my usual method of writing it down and entertaining you just wasn’t helping.  I started writing a few times and then hit the trash can button.

But I’m back.. not because its a ‘new year… new me’… but I’ve found a moment where i can breath.. sleep easy and be the OLD me again… lets be honest… the OLD me was awesome!

I actually got loads of calls from people that read my last post. I am glad I have people who really care around me. If you read my last post and didn’t bother to call or check up on me, yeah its fine. Fuckk you very much 😏…

Between my ‘break’ and the moment of writing this, I have come across a LOT of shit people… bad scenarios… the feeling of falling into a dark oblivion.

But amongst the rubble ..I also found my diamonds. These people who took a second to hold my shoulders and help me re-focus…re-group.

(OBS!! Benue Stream 1 Batch B 2017 – not you guys, this is just a random shout out 😋)

For the first time in my life I actually had  this thing called ‘self-doubt’… the absolute soul numbing feeling of being a failure in all departments of life.

And I know there are some of you who also felt that (or currently feel this) way..  feeling like a nobody.

Well i guess I’m writing this piece for you us…

Let me tell you something… we ARE somebody. We ALWAYS have been.. Because we were born into a family… we were given a name. People know us by that name… and we’re loved… We exist.. Therefore we are….

Yep!- that’s some philosophical shit right there… and its true. UNLESS you doubt your own existence?

Go back to my last story and trust me… It will all make sense.

Most of you reading this are currently feeling like absolute shit…

The past 3 years has taught me a lot. I have had issues with school (which eventually turned out to be the greatest blessing in my life till date – story for another day), I became a desert. No body was around and there for me except my family. People I gave up so many things for disappeared from my life like Özil in big games 😝.

In the process I met an angel (you know Satan was an angel too yea? – Just Saying) and everything felt calm and I thought I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I had met someone I was gonna spend the rest of my life with but, well you know how the story went.

Trust me, whatever you think you are going through right now- its not that bad.. there’s always a way out… because once a ball hits rock bottom.. the only way is up…

So get up… start climbing my friend. You Will Get there. I promise you.

We have to remember… life is NOT a RACE… we don’t want to get to any sort of finish life…because that’s death! and we DON’T WANT THAT! especially if some of us are still virgins(lol)… because that’s fucked up.

We all do things at different times and at  a different pace…and that’s ok. I guess it was something i had forgotten for a second.

You want to LIVE…go for the impossible.. because you have to ask yourself.. TRULY- WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?… and i bet you come up with dumb answers like ‘family won’t approve.. money’.. Etcetera, etcetera.. its BULLSH*T. Stop making excuses. If people aren’t paying your bills they don’t get to make decisions. simple.

Make mistakes!.. Because no matter what anyone says.. those mistakes make ONE HELL of a story later on in life.

No one starts an exciting story with.. ‘So i got a promotion/ bought a house.. had a baby’.

Here’s to shedding the negative vibes and getting back into our crazy groove. 😎

So! if you see a young Light skinned male  walking by, with dark shades, sipping coke from one hand and his middle finger up at the world with the other… That’s me..

Please do say hi. 😉

P.s I didn’t proof read this post. If you couldn’t look beyond the typos, you are the problem this world needs to get rid off. See you next week.

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