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Mad Over You | Pilot

Disclaimer: Explicit content contained therein. Parental Guidance Strongly Advice


I was naive as a kid, a shy nerdy kid. Sex was foreign to me and I never really found out about it till I was almost 19. Whenever my friends talked about their sexcapades as teens, I would listen with keen interest, basking in the euphoria of the tale. It was as if I was living vicariously through their steamy stories. I remember John’s stories the most, he was confident and had many older brothers. We looked up to him.

Talking to girls was easy for him, and he had them around him always. I can recall vividly how he told us about having sex in the school toilet with a girl named Clara. I felt hurt and intrigued at the same time because she was my ultimate crush, and we were just 14. I could not grasp it, how could she do something like that . Whenever I saw her walk by, the concocted image of John and her,  writhing in sexual ecstasy, would form in my head, and I would immediately avert my eyes, so as not to give away my emotions.

Nevertheless I still enjoyed the stories, they were the highlights of my sex life as a teen. I went through secondary school without even kissing a girl. My fantasies were filled with them, girls. I knew when given the chance, I would take it with both hands. And that opportunity came, yes it came, with a bang, and I am forever glad that I was untainted, ready and willing.

I met Stephanie when I was in 200 level in the university. The second semester had just begun, I was at the bank to pay my school fees, as was a lot of the other students. I saw her standing near the queue, about 5 people stood between us. She wasn’t beautiful, at least not in the sense that you and I understand. She was tall, dark and glamorous. Her slight hips protruded behind her, complementing her succulent firm breasts. She had this dreamy look about her, confident but sexy, independent but whimsical.

Her inviting lips were doused with a touch of glossy wet lips. “Kiss me till you die” was literally written all over her. I was lost, I stood there looking at her, gaping, wishing. I still remember every single detail about that day. The sun was shining brightly, but it wasn’t hot, a gentle breeze was caressing my face. Her dark skin glowed in the sun. I glanced around and noticed a lot of guys eyes fixated on her . I heard a guy talking behind me, telling his friend,

“o boy u dey see that bird so?!“, ”I must cage am!”.

My heart was beating fast, I stood no chance, there were better guys here that would get this girl. That moment I wished she would say something, I wanted to hear her voice, so i’ll carry it to my dreams, were I’d cherish it for eternity.

I got tired of standing, so I sat on the lush, well-trimmed grass, near the bank building. Heaven smiled down on me. About 10 minutes later she came and sat near me, I guess she was fed up standing too. I almost screamed with joy, it took a lot of self restrain for me not to have shouted. She said something, I didn’t hear at first, of course I was still in disbelief, how could I have been so lucky?.

“Are you here to pay your fees ?”,

She asked again, this time I promptly replied affirmatively.

“This system is so stressful, I can’t believe we’ve been here over 2 hours”,

” I feel so tired and worn out”.

I wanted to tell her she still looked gorgeous, and that would have sounded corny. To this day, I can’t still understand why she spoke to me. All I could say was sorry, it’ll soon be over. She just looked at me, blinked her eyes and sighed. She stood up, turned to me and said thanks. I was confused . My eyes trailed her as she walked away, a fading dream, now I was back to reality.

I finished my bank stuffs and headed out the banking hall, I had almost forgotten about her, then I saw her again. This must be fate. This time I walked over to her, in my heart I prayed she still remembered me.


“hey you” She replied.

“Guess your done ?”

“Yea” I answered.

We chit chatted a bit, she said she would come back the next day to finish up, as she had something to do now. I offered to come keep her company the next day, to my surprise she agreed . She asked for my phone, punched in her numbers and left. It felt so surreal, I couldn’t believe it, even when I got back home and told my friends, they too didn’t believe it.

Obviously she was older than me, I guessed maybe about 5 or 6 years. I was almost 19 and she looked mid 20s. I waited till the next day to call her, if she gave me a wrong number, I wouldn’t sweat it, I was contented already, and never thought things could progress this far.

At the second ring she picked up, time paused, I was silent, I tried to talk, no words came out, it was her voice, it was unmistakable. It was soft and serene, music to my ears. I hung up, trying hard to catch my breath. She called back immediately, I picked and mumbled something inaudible. She knew it was me.

“Are you still coming?”,

”of course” I retorted.

“ok see u in a bit”. She dropped the call.

I quickly took my bath, put on my best attire. I wore a v-neck polo shirt and jeans. I thought about dressing formal, but something told me she wouldn’t care how I looked. Her style was bohemian and carefree, so I had to follow suit. I got to the bank as early as 7:30 am, I was prancing around like a confused cat, maybe I looked suspicious, as the security men kept looking at me.

I pretended not to see them. Emotions on my face changing, first I would smile, then I would grin with terror at the prospect of spending the day with this strange girl. What if she had made a mistake yesterday, because of the stress, she probably wasn’t thinking straight, how will I know what to say? How on earth would I portray myself as confident. My mind was still racing in a million places when I saw her coming.

Boy, was I wrong, I regretted how I dressed immediately, she looked stunning. She wore a black knee-length skirt, a pink top, medium heels that looked designer-ish, and a fascinating smile. If I had been awestruck the day before, today it was something else. I was smitten, dazed, in love.

Yea I was in love, it was as if every other thing around disappeared from my view.

Her aura enveloped my consciousness, and she was about 10 feet from where I stood. Next thing I knew she was in front of me, she said “Hi” and hugged me, still smiling.

Now for you to understand this, I hadn’t really hugged a girl before, a girl I had a sexual attraction to. I wasn’t used to hugging girls, and now I was in the arms of a damsel. I wished I could see my face that moment, I was in pure joy, that kind of feeling you couldn’t really explain to anybody, they just had to experience it themselves. I was grinning from ear to ear.

I imagine I had an awkward look on my face, because she asked me if I was ok. I regained my composure and said I was perfectly ok. We walked towards the now forming queue, I wanted to be a gentleman, so I told her to go sit down, that I would stand in place of her, when it was time to go in, she would come back. She laughed, looked at me like I was crazy, and said no.

I didn’t push it, after all she was the boss, and I was at her mercy. So instead I went and sat down. I can’t remember how long I sat there, but I recall i had my eyes the entire time fixated on her, a unquivering stare.

I watched with keen interest everything she did, subtle mannerisms, the way she talked, how she would nibble at her lips, how she blinked her dreamy eyes occasionally. Few times she caught my stare, she would smile, I’ll smile back and quickly turn away.

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