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Mad Over You – Chapter One

Disclaimer: Explicit content contained therein. Parental Guidance Strongly Advice


… It finally got to her turn, I didn’t bother following her in, I already seemed too eager to do her bidding, there was no need embarrassing myself any further. I suspected she knew I was ready to be a fool for her, anything she wanted in fact.

When she finally emerged from the bank, I had that lost puppy look on me, I was weary from waiting, waiting to see her again, waiting to hear her voice.

“Sorry for keeping you this long”,

“Oh no its nothing” I replied.

“You look very tired, have you had anything to eat”? She said.

I thought about lying that I had, but my face certainly would have betrayed me out rightly.

“Come on, we’ll get something to eat, I know a nice place”, she added.

She kept on asking me these questions, all I did was answer, mostly with YES and NOs, she virtually did all the talking.

I was disappointed with myself for not talking much, but at the same time relieved, she always knew the right things to say.

When she stopped talking, we walked on in silence. The only sound I heard was her heels thumping on the paved sidewalk, and my heart beating rapidly.

I thought about saying something, but nothing came to my head. We kept on walking, with me slightly ahead. Occasionally I would slow my steps whenever I noticed I was walking too fast.

Suddenly, I felt her reach out and grab my hand, I almost pulled away in shock, I was too terrified to turn and look at her.

She held on tightly, it was as if she knew what was running through my dazed mind. I could feel my arm shaking, sweat oozing from my palms, she still didn’t let go.

We got to an eatery in the school cafeteria, on entry, two guys hollered at her, and she went over to greet them. I just imagined them to be her classmates, I didn’t want to think otherwise.

I walked into the eatery and sat down. She came in some minutes later, she didn’t say anything, and i knew better not to ask.

We got our orders and ate in silence. Through out I was wondering what was going on in her mind, she looked unperturbed, her expression indicated she was enjoying the food.

God knows I didn’t care much about the taste, I just kept munching absent-mindedly, occasionally I would look at her, wondering when I was gonna wake up from this dream.

When we were done, I offered to pay for the meal, she declined . I insisted, I couldn’t allow her pay for my food, she didn’t bulge. Before I knew it she had payed, we strutted out of the restaurant. She didn’t even give me the chance to tell her thank you. She probably had her reasons, so I remained mute.

“I had a nice time today and thanks a million for accompanying me to the bank, you made it easier for me”. she said.

I smiled and waved it off. She then said she had to go .

“Where do you stay”?

I told her, she told me hers too, and we said our goodbyes.

She leaned in to hug me, this time i met her halfway. I knew i really had to get used to the hugs, seeing as she loved it.

“Don’t forget to call me when you get home”,

”Certainly not”. I replied.

I stood there and watched her as she walked away. I was the happiest man on earth that moment. I was smiling as I walked home, She, photographed  on my mind all the way.

That night as I lay in my bed, all I could think about was her. I was alone in my room, but I felt her presence there. The feeling was so strong and amazing, I hugged my pillow imagining it was her. The way she treated me, sex was a possibility, I forced my mind to lean towards that notion.

I dialled her number immediately. It was kinda late, maybe 11 pm or thereabout. I was worried she would find it awkward that i was calling her so late, it was lovers time after all. Any fears I had were quickly dissuaded the moment she picked up,

she sounded pretty awake, we spoke in hushed tones. I cant really remember all we talked about, but i can recall crystal clear what she said before i dropped the call.

“I’d love to know were you stay”.

I was astounded, caught by surprise. I wasn’t expecting it, at least not in a million years. I didn’t reply immediately, I heard her tense breathing thru the phone.

Then i calmly said “tomorrow would be lovely”.

I was getting more confident talking to this stranger. She layed the foundations so well, You just couldn’t help but float seamlessly. That night I slept peacefully, she was in my dreams. In my heart I knew I was going to reminisce about this day, and wish for it so bad, after all days like this don’t come by often.

The next morning I woke up a different man, I felt new. Today was gonna be special, I went about my morning chores. Her footprints were still on my mind, threading softly, making everything feel good. Friends that entered my room that morning noticed, I couldn’t hide it, I just couldn’t.

“Wetin dey do this guy this morning sef?”

“Abi u don win lottery?”.

I dismissed their assumptions, went on about cleaning my room. It was already in a dreadful state.  Nothing was where they were supposed to be, everything was dirty, This was my life before Stephanie. There was something missing, a woman’s touch, it was definitely missing. I saw it in my friends’ rooms, the ones that had girlfriends, or brought girls home regularly. You felt comfortable in it, a kind of subtle solace.

I finished cleaning my room, then checked my phone, it was 10 am already. I contemplated calling her, to know if she was still coming. I decided against it, it would have certainly been a bad move, I had no experience with this kind of thing, but i knew as a Man I wasn’t supposed to show too much eagerness.

It would have been purely suicidal, if i had jeopardized this chance, this golden opportunity. About 30 minutes later, my phone vibrated, it was a text message, It was from Steph. She asked me to come meet her around the school gate, from then we’d go to my house. After  I read the text, I threw my phone on the bed, punched the air a billion times, jumped on my bed, rolled around, scattered my hair. I was so happy! – Naïve me. Now when i think about it, I laugh out my heart.

There’s no way on earth i was gonna forget that moment, it was etched permanently in my head, like a carving on stone. Even if I had amnesia later in life, I would certainly not forget that hour.

I put on a short, and a stay at home shirt, then proceeded to go pick her up. On the way I called her, she answered with that same pleasant soothing voice, that was by this time, honey to my eager ears…

-To Be Continued

  • jeremiah
    jeremiah | 10th March 2017

    We’ve all been thru this phase…I can totally relate…Good piece,m tryn to Pict how its gona end

    • Hendrix
      Hendrix | 10th March 2017

      Thanks.. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

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