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Mad Over You | Chapter Three

Disclaimer: Explicit content contained therein. Parental Guidance Strongly Advised. If you are offended by sexual contents, DO NOT OPEN! You have been warned. Read terms here


… The cold water hit my skin, making my hair stand from its pores. I bowed my head, letting the water trickle down my body. I was exhausted, the extreme pleasure had taken a toll on me.

Stephanie joined me, she wrapped her arms around me, hugging me from behind, her Mammary Papillas squashing against my back, our bodies meshed as one. I felt so at peace.

I turned facing her, my lips finding hers, we kissed passionately, letting the water dripping into our mouths. Her left hand located my Mentula, slowly massaging it back to life.

She kept on stroking it in a rhythmic fashion, making me wimp in passion. Less than 2 minutes later i was feeling reinvigorated, a burst of energy flowing back into my entire body.

I pushed her to the bathroom wall, she turned around, her hands glued to the wall. Then slowly i guided my now emboldened member into her waiting Toll gate.

She let out a low moan, while backing her behind, to meet my willful thrusts halfway, while her right hand went down btw her thighs, massaging her mound.

I swear, I felt like a pro a I grabbed her waist with both hands, steadying our union. We were both writhing in extreme pleasure, every muscle in my body was on full alert, I just couldn’t let her down this time around.

This went on for a pretty long time, I was close to approaching the next bus when I heard her scream out a strange sound, she quickly covered her mouth with her free hand, muffling the animal like sound.

I held on tight to her waist, pumping her faster and faster. I was like a maniac those last seconds, her protruding behind hitting my laps, producing a flap-flap sound.

Finally she got there, her legs going limp, while I slowly guided her to the wet floor.

We lay there in a heap in silence, the only sound coming from the running shower above.

We bathed each other, dried up and went back into the room. She wore only her panties, lay in the bed and asked me to join her.

I asked if we could watch a movie, she said it would be better if we just lay there and talk. She crept towards me, rested her head on my chest, while I played with her hair.

This was the perfect picture, I had imagined something like this all my life, but I never knew it would be better in real life, it was almost like an epiphany.

Then she started talking.

” You know am older than you right?”.

“And you are not really 23”.

“you are a baby, but a cute baby”, she added with a chuckle.

I contemplated arguing it, but knew it would be futile. This girl knew me so well, almost more than myself. We had known each other for just 3 days, but it felt like a lifetime already. It would be difficult weaning myself off her, she was a hard drug in my brain already, and if this was a dream, I prayed never to wake up.

“Am sorry i lied”, I finally spoke.

” I was scared you’d stop if you knew I was younger than you”.

“I knew from the very first day we chatted”, she replied immediately.

I thought about asking her why she’s with me, but decided against it. Instead I asked her if she noticed me in the bank, she replied “No”.

Then we didn’t say anything anymore. We just listened to the sound of our breathing. I had so much i wanted to ask her, but I didn’t know where to start from.

Even scarier was the idea of saying the wrong things. I didn’t realize I had been thinking for quite some time. When I looked at her she had fallen asleep.

Her face looked calm, serene and at peace. In my mind no one could ever look this beautiful when they slept. My heart was hers already, there was no question about that.

I adjusted my self, taking care not to wake her. Gently I lay down, spooning her from behind, I kissed her neck, held her hand and fell asleep. This angel was gonna wake up in my arms, no one could change that now.

I woke up with a start, it was a dreamless nap. I looked at the clock, I must have been sleeping for about 2 hours.

Stephanie was already up, she was getting ready in one corner of the room.

“When did you wake up ?” I asked.

“Not long ago”.

She sat on the mini fridge combing her hair, staring at me. I was propped up on my elbow, my head in my right palm, returning her stare. I looked on with intent, taking in her picturesque body, my mind was not saturated yet, it was still thirsty, only her could quench that thirst.

“Don’t go”, I blurted out

“I wish i didn’t have to”,she replied.

“Then don’t go. I’ll go get us something to eat, then maybe we’ll watch that movie, or anything you want to do”.

I was now confident. I kept on blabbing, suggesting whatever came to my mind, hoping to make her stay.

God knows if she had asked for an arm and a leg to make her stay, I would have gladly cut it off, and offer it smiling. That was how much she meant to me.

I thought about sleeping alone that night, a cold shudder tickling my spine, and goosebumps appearing all over my arms.

She giggled, kept on dressing, then beckoned on me to come fix her necklace for her. I struggled with the necklace clasp, trying hard to avoid touching her skin. I didn’t trust my emotions one bit.

Her body was pure magic to me, pure pure magic. Just then my mind darted to the moments of a few hours ago, everything we had done to each other, the extreme pleasure, the unforgettable kiss. It all hit my mind like an avalanche, threatening to overwhelm me.

I wrapped my arms around her, the smell of her freshly oiled hair hitting my my nose. She threw her hands back, grabbing my head. I leaned in to kiss her, making sure to lock tongues with her.

I couldn’t persuade her to stay the night, maybe she had something important to do, and i was being selfish because of how I felt.  I threw on a shirt, then proceeded to see her out. I walked with a confident swagger, holding her hands.

Now I was a man, a whole man, a lucky man, and above all a happy man. She had stolen my virginity, my innocence. No, I had given her willingly, and I was happy to do that, opening my mind to the possibility of endless love and pleasure.

Sure enough I was in love, I was Mad Over Her. No one could go through what I had just experienced and not fall turbulently in love, and have a strong feeling of respect for women, learning the right ways to keep them happy and satisfied, that in itself a story for another day.

I spent the entire day indoors. The events of the day before still green on my mind. It was Saturday so I had nothing to be worried about or anywhere I had to be. Thank God we just resumed too. I kept going through my text messages over and over again.

When she got home that day she had sent me two texts, 10 minutes apart. The first one she apologized for not staying over and hoped I understood. Of Course I had no choice but to understand, but I really wished she had.

I wanted to reply, but decided to wait for sometime before doing it, so she wouldn’t think I just sat by the phone waiting for her call.

Then I heard the beep-beep sound of a new text. I had no idea what the content would be, I was tense, wondering what she could have sent again. I paced about the room, contorting my face, trying to guess what was in the text.

Maybe it said ‘Am in Love with you’, of which I secretly wished it would be, or she wanted to officially be my girlfriend. In fact I wished strongly it was either one of the two.

Then i braced myself, I couldn’t wait one more minute to see what she had sent. I picked up the phone, my heart palpitating, blood pulsating in my head veins.

“Today was the most amazing day of my life, and I must confess you are the best I ever had. Think of me.”,it read.

To be honest I was disappointed, what she said was nice but i was expecting more. Couldn’t she see I was crazy in love with her? Did she care only about the sex? What was I to her, etc.

These different thoughts hovered on my mind, I couldn’t think straight, I just had to let her know how I felt.

Then I replied her, I left out the being in love with her part, thanked her for showing me the best time of my life, and also when I was gonna see her again.


– To Be Continued

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