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Mad Over You | Chapter Four

Disclaimer: Explicit content contained therein. Parental Guidance Strongly Advised. If you are offended by sexual contents, DO NOT OPEN! You have been warned. Read terms here


…Days flew by fast. I must admit, those were the best times of my life. Before I knew it, we had known each other for three weeks.

Every single moment we spent together was beyond magical. It was almost a fairy tale.

I got my life in order, tried my best to drop my childish ways. I felt matured way beyond my age whenever I was with Stephanie.

She had started introducing me to her friends, and most times I would feel too coy to stand shoulder to shoulder with them, stealing a glance at her.

I would see the gentle anger creased on her eyebrows, that look that told me this girl cared about me so much.

Many times I would sit by myself, hands supporting my jaw, wondering, thinking, trying hard to understand what she saw in me.

She was patient with me too, a lot of times she would ignore my inadequacies or pretend not to notice when I faltered, and there were many.

I would say something silly, she would look at me, laugh in her usual charming way, then carefully go on to correct me, or teach me the proper thing as the case may be.

She taught me quite a lot, and i would be damn ungrateful if I didn’t give due credit to her.

I remember quite vividly an episode we had back then. I had called her that morning, we made a date to meet up, this time she insisted it be her place.

I did all I could to kill time till it was 4pm, so I could try to spend the night.

I set out for her house, it was easy locating it as she gave me explicit directions.

She lived in the BQ adjoined to the main house, situated in the staff quarters of my school.

The house was surrounded with neatly trimmed fern flowers, and a well maintained lawn. It was a beautiful yard, you could see nature flourishing happily in it.

As I quietly opened the old iron gate, I marveled at the sight of it all,” no wonder she’s this cheerful”, I thought aloud and smiled.

She was standing by the door waiting for me. I don’t think I have ever been that happy to see anyone in my entire life. As usual she had that glamorous smile on her face, you could hardly meet her when she wasn’t smiling, it was a distinct fabric of her existence.

Her room was something out of this world, everything was neatly in place and you could feel the cozy chill hit you the minute you stepped in.

I stood there hands akimbo, trying to take in the entire spectacle, my eyes darting from item to item.

I couldn’t believe a student’s room could be this fine. She was truly a goddess in and out.

“I feel like am in heaven”, I said.

“Don’t be silly jare”. She countered.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to leave this place, its just so damn fine”, I replied.

Trying to hint the fact that I was sleeping over. She didn’t say anything. At least now she knew my intentions.

“So how was your day, have you been thinking of me”? She asked.

“Of cos I have, you’ve been on my mind all day”, I replied immediately.

We chatted more, asking each other questions, laughing mostly. I sat on the plastic chair at the corner of her room, then I pulled her down, she sat on my laps, my right leg intertwined between her succulent thighs.

We sat there in silence, our bodies tingling wherever bare flesh touched.

After sometime I traced my hands all over her belly, circling my finger around her bellybutton. Then slowly my palms crept towards her sumptuous bosoms. I felt her tremble as I traced around her areola, gently squashing her mounds.

She threw her head back, letting out a wimpish moan.

“Please don’t stop”, she whispered.

I didn’t plan on stopping, I increased tempo while nibbling all over neck and shoulder.

Oh how she loved it when I did that, as she told me later on. Then she stood up with a jerk, pulled me up and led me to the bed.

“I’m gonna teach you something today”, she said, while grinning mischievously.

I wondered what was up her sleeves as she excused her self and ran to the bathroom.

“Just wait there, I’ll be out shortly”.

I reclined back on the bed, waiting anxiously to find out what was to come, passion written all over my face.

With beads of water still adorning her honey colored skin, she reflected like a diamond, pure and polished.

She wiped the wetness off her in the most sensual way possible, slowly trailing her contours with the milk colored towel.

Concentrating on the space between her thighs, she looked at me, noticing I was following every movement she made.

Damn she was hard to read, I was excited, but at the same time perplexed, I didn’t know what was to come, or what she had in mind. That mischievous grin she had on, when she told me she was gonna teach me something, what did she mean?!.

Well it was Stephanie, it sure was gonna blow my mind, she could do no wrong.

I kept on thinking, my mind jumping through different possibilities, while still watching her ardently. I was lost in her world, her aura deeply imbued in my brain.

Its difficult to make anyone comprehend just how much she captivated me.

Imagine you’ve been walking for days in the desert, you are confused and disoriented, thirsty and famished. The road ahead looking desolate.

Then someone appears from nowhere,  offers you not a drop of water, but an ocean of it.

Stephanie was that someone to me. She was more and beyond.

I was still lost in thought, my eyes keenly trained on her, when she asked me a funny question.

“Do you watch porn”?


I pretended not to have heard her. She asked again, this time slightly louder.

 “Uhmmmm, yea I do” I replied with a stammer.

”But occasionally though”, I quickly added.

She chuckled.

“Don’t worry baby, i am not judging you” she said.

I asked her if we were going to watch some porn together, my face beaming with excitement, wondering if that was the surprise.

She cackled uncontrollably, throwing her body on me. I sat there confused. I didn’t know why she was laughing at me, maybe what I had just suggested was funny.

I laughed too, hiding my embarrassment.

Then she asked me how I felt about going down on a woman, if I had watched it before, or if i could do it.

I told her I didn’t understand what she meant. Then she went on to explain to me.

“You know how I gave you a deep throat, can you do that to me too?”.

I just sat there dazed, not knowing what to say. To be honest I was shocked. I had never thought about performing fellatio on a woman before, now I was right in front of it, less than 2 meters between us.

I was scared, scared I may not like it, or that I wouldn’t do it properly. As if she was reading my mind, she told me not to worry, that she knew I hadn’t done it before, and that she would teach me.

Then she stood up, went to her music set, put on some blues and came back to the bed.

“Hey babe, relax, there’s no monster down there, you’ll thank me later I promise”

She chided playfully, trying to get me to lighten up. I took off my clothes, my once poking hard-on now flaccid.

Then she kissed me all over my face, rubbing her hands on my chest, caressing my entire body. Gently she grabbed my head and slowly guided me towards her honeypot.

She spread her legs wider to accommodate me, while I poked out my tongue, touching her mons.

She was bald down there, and the skin around was slightly lighter than her complexion. Her womanly aroma hit my senses.

At first foreign to me, but as time went on I got used to it. I drove along her area 51 with my tongue, trying to emulate what I had seen in pornos.

Now I understood why she asked me if I watched porn. I almost laughed down there, my apprehension slowly leaving me.

Then I intensified my licking, slobbering all over her beautiful pudenda, I would suck her a little, then I would insert my tongue in, quickly poking in and out, alternating the process over and over again.

I looked up at her face, she had this weird look, as if she was about to cry, biting her entire lower lip, pouting her mouth. She was trying hard not to scream out, but occasionally letting out an unguarded utterance.

Now if you’ve never sucked a nice honey pot before, you will never be able to picture this.

Her facial expression told me I was good at this, gifted actually, and am not ashamed to say it, proud to say the least.

Boy did I keep on suction the hell out of the thing, I gently scraped my teeth on her labia, flickering my eager tongue , over the reddened knob that I later found out was the seat of woman’s delight.

She went mad with passionate rage, grabbing my head and trying to push it way inside, while repeating ‘OMG’! a million times.

I held on tightly to her thighs, continuing the assault on her slot machine, i was enjoying it now, determined to make her hit jackpot.

She bent forward over me, violently grabbed my mongoose, pumping it madly, as she squeezed my balls hardly.

I almost jumped away, the searing pain travelling fast to my brain.

“Sorry sweetie, I’m sorry”, she said.

A prudish smile forming at the corner of her lips. I went on nonetheless, by this time her juices flowing freely down her thighs. I knew her dam had been released, so I lifted my head, drew her to me, as she was breathing laboriously .

She collapsed on my chest, totally spent. I smiled to myself, stroking her short hair.

“How are you honey?”, I asked,

She hesitated, then answered without looking up,

”Shut up you monster”.

I was glad.

– To Be Continued

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