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Mad Over You | Chapter Five

Disclaimer: Explicit content contained therein. Parental Guidance Strongly Advised. If you are offended by sexual contents, DO NOT OPEN! You have been warned. Read terms here


… We spent the evening in bed, listening to soft blues that she loved so much. I wondered why I never used to listen to this type of music, it was truly soothing to the ears, like balm on aching bones.

Stephanie was unclad but for the flowery blanket which loosely covered her bottom. She was lying on her side, snuggling me. I had my boxer short on, but bare chested.

I looked at her, she was fast asleep. Then i looked around the room, which was slightly dark, except for the muted rays of light sifting through the window, from the bulb outside.

I noticed my clothes were still strewn about, lying carelessly where I had thrown them, just before our romp earlier.

I turned back again facing her, this time watching her heaving glands, as they rose and fell with every breath she took.

It was a sight to behold, and I marveled at the sheer simplicity of the enchanting spectacle.

Beauty is a relative term, but I doubt anyone in the whole wide world would have had anything but awe, looking at her sleeping there.

 I thought about kissing her forehead, but I decided against it, if she woke up it would look creepy.

Instead I rolled out of the bed, picked up my shirt and jeans, neatly folded them and placed it in the corner.

A gentle breeze caressed my cheek, it was almost 8pm and I was starting to feel a bit cold. I threw on my shirt, quietly opened the door and went out.

I sat on the steps of her porch, gazing into the abyss, the sound of the school community greeting my ears. I heard the sound of tv coming from the family house nearby, and what sounded like the dad scolding one of the kids.

I strained my ears to hear better, but it was futile, so I resigned to my already emerging thoughts.

Before I had come to see her that day, I had made a mental image of the many questions gnawing on my mind.

I was determined to get the answers today. Maybe it would be better to wait till midnight, when the world was asleep, to ask her this questions.

Yes I would wait, I reassured myself. Definitely I couldn’t leave this place without knowing.

Fairytales don’t last forever, and even when it does, no one tells you what happens after the ‘happily ever after’.

I just had to know, and especially to tell her how much I was in love with her.

I trembled at the thought of telling her, how she would respond, or what she’ll say. What if she didn’t feel the same way?

What if this was all about sex for her. I dismissed the notion. Since the day she took my innocence, a kind of unspoken fog had been hanging over us, I didn’t know if she noticed it, or it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

Damn I was so naïve back then, the world of women still alien to me. I would find out eventually, but at least I could still dream on, even if for one more day, with a goddess showing me the path

The light inside came on, Stephanie had woken up. I looked at my watch, it was getting to 9pm. I made to stand up, dusted my short just as I heard the door creak open.

“Hey, why are you outside?, I didn’t know you were awake already”.

I told her i just needed some fresh air, and I didn’t want to sleep too much so I’d be able to sleep at night.

“Ok”, she replied.

“I didn’t cook anything, we have to go into the school to eat. Do you want to go with me?”.

“Yeah, get dressed na”.

I just realized I was very hungry. I didn’t even remember food until she mentioned it, my soliloquy had jaded my reasoning.

We set out into the night, walking side by side, under the array of solar paneled street lights, which beautifully adorned the paved street.

She suggested we race to the next speed bumps. I obliged and so we raced. She was light on her feet, and i wasn’t particularly a good runner.

I was so happy running down that street, beaming with a loud laugh as the wind gushed past my face. She beat me, or I let her win, depending on what you believe.

She teased me endlessly, playfully laughing in my face, asking how on earth I lost to a girl.

I told her she was very athletic, and that she won fairly. I could do just about anything to please her.

Panting from the short race, I squatted in front of her, implored her to hop onto my back, I wanted to carry her all the way.

Damn I was tired, but I didn’t relent, I was definitely gonna carry her till we got to the first shop.

“I know you are about to collapse, but it feels good riding on your back, lazy ass.”, she teased again.

I pretended to trip her and she screamed, chuckling while landing light punches on my back.

I laughed along, albeit uncontrollably.

There are moments you share with that special someone, that you would never forget, and I tell you, its the little things, the shared laughter, the playful pranks and the naughty subtle acts.

You never forget them.

It’s hard to remember a lot of things from the good times in your past, but this little things act as cues, gently reinforcing your belief in tomorrow, telling you that two hearts can connect, and that love exists, no matter how much we deny it.

Opting for the local bread and egg sandwiches, expertly made by the hausa food sellers, who always beckoned you to patronize them in a funny way, we sat on the stone benches and ate, talking intermittently btw bites.

Then we drank beverages, and headed back home, playing as we walked.

There was a bright moon that night,and shiny stars illuminating the skies above us.

Our shadows formed a triangle as we stood in front of the gate, admiring the night sky.

Occasionally a car would zoom past, and we’d hurl insults at the fading car, finding a familiar solace in our mischief.

When a car would seem to be slowing down, we’d scramble the gate open, running inside, and then coming out again when the car disappeared.

When we finally went into the yard, we sat on the porch steps, and continued gisting. She straddled my legs, while i massaged her heels.

We talked about virtually everything, jumping from topic to topic, sometimes not even completing one, before nonchalantly switching to another.

It was music, her family, mine, her fears, escapades, childhood years, food, and even embarrassing stories, or times when we faltered.

I told her things I had never told anyone, I trusted her and I knew she understood me so well.

It was easy talking to her, I let go of every restrain, at the same time making sure to listen carefully, not judging her, just laughing at the silly stories and picking up every message.

“Your such a good listener,you know right? A lot of girls will enjoy you”.

“Hmmmmm, probably”,  I replied.

“I wish we were age mates, or I had met you first”, she said again after a lengthy pause.

My heart started beating fast, I thought  I was gonna have a heart attack right there. This was what I had been waiting for, and she had brought it up unexpectedly, giving me no time to brace myself.

I looked at her, trying hard to search her face, to know how she felt saying these words, or her general facial expression. But even the moon was not enough.

I could not make out her eyes, I could not see her face, I couldn’t tell how she felt. I turned my head, staring straight ahead, trying to say something, anything.

The words formed in my head, but I developed  lumps in my throat when I tried to open my mouth. Seeing as I was not responding, she kept on talking, pausing at times to let me reply, and then continuing when I didn’t.

I bowed my head between my knees, trying hard to push away the anguish, pretending she wasn’t talking to me.

Subconsciously her words still permeated into my being, pricking me like a thousand needles.

I felt moisture on my knees, I thought I was sweating, but when I brought my hand to my eyes, they were moist, I didn’t know when it built up.

I felt a tight knot in my chest, like I was suffocating, I could hear anymore, I stood up and went inside the room, falling tiredly on the bed.

I didn’t even bother taking off my clothes, I just lay there, the pillow covering my head, entirely thoughtless.

-To Be Continued

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