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Mad Over You | Chapter Seven

Disclaimer: Explicit content contained therein. Parental Guidance Strongly Advised. If you are offended by sexual contents, DO NOT OPEN! You have been warned. Read terms here


Mad Over You | Chapter Six

…Have you ever waited for sex?

Like eagerly anticipated devouring someone?

My eyes were all hazy, the images dancing on the screen blurry and obscure. Even the chiming of the clock was picked up by my attentive ears, time was golden to me now, every second counted. I thought about devising a plan to disrupt the now annoyingly long movie, that just 10 minutes ago I was enjoying.

I couldn’t wait anymore. I started talking, asking mundane questions, trying to get on my friends nerves so they’ll get the message and leave. The idiots didn’t budge o, you just couldn’t count on my friends, I was damn sure they got my message, but they stubbornly sat there determined to finish that movie.

I hated them very much that minute. I was in heat, i wasn’t thinking straight anymore. My throbbing member was by this time, struggling to remain confined btw my legs. I stood up, walked around, feigning to look for something.

“Wetin dey do this guy sef”, one of them asked.

“I tire for am o”, the other added.

I aptly ignored them, hissed and stretched myself on the bed. I heard Stephanie laugh, I knew she was laughing at me.

She was enjoying my torture. I chuckled to myself, soon and very soon, I’ll be the one doing the torturing. Where was NEPA when I needed them so much, to do the usual thing. That light lasted till the next morning, nothing went my way that night.

I resigned to my fate, lay there, waiting for the movie to end ,there was nothing I could do.

“Mumu boy we don move o”.

Finally, I sighed in relief. I bade them goodnight, cursed them playfully, then locked the door.

I literarily pounced on her. She snickered, her frolic still clearly amusing her. I tore off her jean, struggled with her bra clasp, almost ripping it of her back. She duly had my mongoose in her hands already.

Our drooling mouths kept on trying to find each other. We would lock lips, then bite on lips, then return to kissing again. I carried her up, sat on my mini fridge, while she sat on my laps facing me. We kissed for ages, till our lips were sore and our tongues numb.

My head hit on the wall behind me, but I didn’t feel the pain, instead it spurred me on. She stood up slightly, steadied my boat, and sank it in her ocean.

Nothing can describe the feeling, I tell you nothing.

I was in 7th heaven, somewhere higher than cloud 9, the feeling was so intense, inside her was warm and comfy, her walls contracting, as the tides became stronger. I held on tight, swimming with rage, trying to hit her rock. We were moaning so loudly, thank God the TV was on, or someone would have heard us.

Not that I even cared, the whole hostel could hear us for all I cared, the only thing in my brain was unleashing my burning seeds. What I loved about her so much, was that when we made love, we never pretended, we were never shy, always so lost in the mood. We had so many great sex together, and I cant say which was the best, the first time was special, but that night was surely in the top 10.

We ravished each other through the night, writhing in sexual heaven, scratching and biting, nibbling and moaning till the wee hours of the night. We didn’t wake up till about 9 am the next morning, too tired to go to church.

Every good thing comes to an end. Painfully true, but this is the bitter fact in life. We spent many weekends like this, having fun, safe in each others arms, undistracted by the loneliness of the world and grateful to have found each other but also rueful to have done it so late.

Exams were fast approaching, and she being in her finals and older, dragged me to night class several times. I would give flimsy excuses, wanting instead to chill with my friends, to gist or play video games. She would insist, you just couldn’t say no to her, she always succeeded in dragging my lazy áss to class.

We would gist all the way to the class, holding hands, taking snail steps through the narrow walkways, shaded by ripening almond trees. If there were ripe ones on the ground, we would pick a handful, feast on the juicy fruits and toss the stripped seeds far into the dark night.

Other times she would play songs from her phone, and we would sing to it. My voice would oscillate between manageable and terrible, she would taunt me lovingly, then try to teach me.

I just didnt learn, I’ve always had a terrible voice, while hers was crisp and golden. Everything about her was that way to me. When you like someone unconditionally, the good always outweighs the bad. Yes they are laden with flaws, just like every human, but you just can’t see them, your deaf to it, blind to it while their best resonates to you. It is always like that when your with that one special person.

The class would drag on for hours, sometimes I would try my best to read while other times i would lay my head on the hard table, and doze like a baby. Stephanie would rouse me when it was time to go. Sleepily, I would walk her home to the staff quarters, then begin the long journey to my house.

We kept to this routine almost judiciously occasionally she would ask me to stay over. Waking up very early the next morning, I would hurry off to my house, passing the early risers along the way, and the astute shop owners, who came very early to clean up their shops in preparation for the day ahead.

With the exams on and the end of semester at sight, a sudden spate of sadness fell on me. I knew our days were numbered. Soon our times together would just be memories, sweet memories to be reminisced and longed for. Damn those were difficult days, I thought I was prepared, having come to terms with the fact about a month earlier, but I was in for a shocker.

Nobody can prepare for separation, no matter how strong you are, it overwhelms you, you get irritated with people easily, you go to sleep with a forlorn expression. And then you see them in your dreams. I wasn’t safe even in my dreams, she was always in it.

One day I woke up crying, and I couldn’t even remember what I had dreamt about. I sat in my bed for about an hour, my head heavy in my hands.

She tried so hard to console me, to wean me off her gracefully, but I made it difficult for her.

Then came the first rains, it was early march, the holidays were upon us. I still remember the sweet scent of rain, washing up the horrid smell of dust, which had collected throughout the dry season. It was always so relaxing, especially when we would be rolled up in bed together, talking about what we were gonna miss about each other, and our best times together.


– To Be Continued


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