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Do you think it’s ever permissible to cheat?

14:48:03“Do you think it’s ever permissible to cheat?”

I have another 90 minutes before this CDS meeting ends, And there’s random topics being thrown around. I am not one to talk in public and this seemed like the most interesting (and quick) prompt to choose!

So here goes.

Cheating. In an exam?

I’ve had tonnes of experience with cheating! For some it’s a life and death situation. For others… cheap thrills?

From what I’ve seen, passing notes in class is so passe. Today, people hide notes in the toilets. (When I say notes, I mean, a whole notebook) Where in the restroom? Somewhere discreet, of course! And then they need to go to the loo in a BIG hurry during the paper. Maybe it’s some form of diarrhoea spreading…

Another method commonly applied (with the MCQ system) is the A=forehead, B=nose, C=mouth, D=chin, E=tug on the ear. It’s hilarious to watch people scratch their faces surreptitiously, then get confused and end up scratching their chin and tugging their ear at the same time. 😛

Me? Oh I’ve never cheated 😉. Not that I’ve not wanted to!

It’s just that, if I try, I know I’ll get caught. I’m one of THOSE people, you know?

I’m not opposed to helping, though. Which is a form of cheating. Which makes me a hypocrite? O.o

I get caught for watching two people cheat! One goes “psssst!”. I turn. Motions to friend at the other end of the room, who I turn to look at. Said friend scratches forehead, in deep thought. I turn, friend one is scribbling furiously. And then the teacher calls out:

“Fair boy!!!!”

It’s not very nice…

And back to what I think the question was referring to.

Do I think it’s permissible to cheat (in a relationship)?


And that’s it. No excuse at all.

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