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Anatomist (B.Sc)

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Stunned by your elegance, you are beautiful in every way. The very scent of your fragrance burns through the skin like sun rays. From the feminine in your walk to the sexiness in your talk, even a slight glance from your eyes can send sparks and liven up the day.

Strength is your demeanor you don’t break or fold. To the cunning your much keener, standing tall and speaking bold. In quiet whispers you roar like that of a lioness. Queen of the jungle honored by all as your highness.

Intellect is your greatest gift, you’re nobody’s fool. Having the mind-set of a genius but always remaining cool. Able to think through any situation your determination is a living inspiration, and fuels the world with new found motivation.

As a beautiful Strong Intelligent woman you are truly astonishing in every right. The very essence of your presence is such a delight, soothing the souls of those around you in the darkness and light.

A woman like you so full of charisma and tenacity deserves a man of satisfactory who will respect you compassionately and love you everlastingly. You are the woman that every man truly desires. A need so dire can only be fulfilled by the rapture of your engulfing fire. The Fire of Love that is.

So Beautiful Strong Intelligent Woman where ever you may be, there’s a Handsome Strong Intelligent Man out somewhere looking for you. Maybe even me.

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